Advancements on the IoT in 2019

The transformation of the Internet of Things (IoT) kept a steady pace all through 2018. Predictions ...

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Posted by Dave Food on Feb 27, 2019 1:44:43 PM
Dave Food

The transformation of the Internet of Things (IoT) kept a steady pace all through 2018. Predictions for 2019 and beyond are that IoT technology used in vehicles, wearable gadgets, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensor, and software will advance even faster to surpass the essential functions and networks currently in use, making it easier to get, and soon, becoming a common practice in our businesses, on the road, as well as in our homes.

The IoT market and connectivity will reach billions on value this 2019.  It means more data and more traffic on the current so jam-packed connected Internet.

The emerging of t

*The 5G

In 2019, industries will see significant advancements on the 5G, an improvement of faster connectivity, and the growth of a 5G network, significantly faster than we are used.

Shortly, we will see the development of it into planning and implementation processes, expecting a significant impact on consumer and businesses as well, enhanced by technologies like the IoT, Robotics, Automation, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR,) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML, ) and Edge Computing.

All these advancements will enhance the customer experience on mobile promoting a significant engagement toward your brand.  

Furthermore, 5G will enhance the capabilities of Edge and Cognitive Computing, which will be particularly vital to specific applications, such as autonomous cars where computing must work as closely as possible to the device to reduce the latency of decision making. More connected devices mean change. Are you ready for it?

Ten essential benefits empowered by 5G in the coming years:

  • 5G connectivity will add a fast lane to handle the escalation in devices.
  • It will benefit field services.
  • 5G will be available for several industries as manufacturing, public safety/emergency, transport/logistics, smart cities, and more.
  • It will enable the speed necessary for data to travel through the air.
  •  AR empowered by 5G will allow engineers-in-training to have the needed understanding about a device and processes.
  • It will provide instant insights by AR applications enabled by G5.
  • It will help the worker to make informed decisions.
  • Your staff will accomplish more in less time.
  • 5G will give a more significant impulse to Edge Computing.
  • Data from IoT devices will be stored close to the source to reduce latency.


The IoT powerful growing into Manufacturing and Healthcare in 2019

The IoT is for sure a significant driver of digital transformation in many industries, particularly in Manufacturing.  Sensors, RFID tags, and smart signals have already started the next industrial revolution, completely transforming the sector and disrupting every phase of the production process from development to Supply Chain Management. Manufacturers will be able to prevent delays, improve production performance, reduce equipment downtime, and manage inventory.

Automation and Security are crucial for the IoTs future.

The IoT is indeed expanding at an incredible speed, and this will only boost its speed as 5G availability increases. How will the enterprise deal with them all? 

Experts forecast growth in automation, both to handle the devices themselves, but also ensuring them right through the lifecycle. The goal is to create an end-2-end secure service all the way from the device through the network and the user, so to avoid any cyber attack. We will further see initiatives such as the CTIA Cybersecurity certification program to ensure that only certified devices get connected, the compliance of the autonomy-device security, , and infringement prevention.

A shift in business offerings and pricing models

 Managing billions of devices is, by all means, a challenging effort. So, telecom service offering must make adaptions to meet this need, by offering enterprises the ability to manage connected devices and securing those devices during entire lifecycles.

Furthermore, we will see more impetus in businesses changing their models - from selling products to selling services. This transformation is nowadays impacting how IoT providers are offering their services and prices.

Network Services for Massive IoT

Experts have predicted that IoT devices will surpass mobile phones. By 2022 those connections will reach 18 billion. Consequently, it’s urgent to count on a different-more efficient technology than today' mobile broadband networks offer; with Network Services for Massive IoT, a complete set of services and products will make it possible to produce the best solution for your company. This massive acceptance calls for a different approach soon!

A partnership will significantly help to encounter the challenges in this fast escalation of IoT sensors through the creation of a Network Services for Massive IoT, a technology to leveraging the one you already have;

alternatively, by an outsourcing service taking complete ownership of managing the networks for you through advanced Machine Learning algorithms whilst paying attention to the cost too.

Final comments: as we are beginning a new year we must look forward to these advancements on IoT. One of the big expectations is to see how the Internet of Things will be enhanced by more extensive implementations of 5G networks all around different industries.

Let Massive IoT become a reality and get the most out of on its great benefits!

Dave Food

Prophetic Technology

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