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An extraordinary challenge for the Supply Chain

What Supply Chain (SC) competitive advantages come from Supply Chain Ecosystem Orchestration?

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Posted by Dave Food on Aug 4, 2020 3:56:35 PM
Dave Food

What Supply Chain (SC) competitive advantages come from Supply Chain Ecosystem Orchestration?

Business partnership ecosystems are rapidly escalating, generating millions in value. The modification of policies in production processes is multiplying with environments as the principal changing factor.

An ecosystem is a network collaboration of different industry's players, working together to outline, build up and implement market consumer and customer's solutions. These players can deliver part of the resolution or provide essential know-how.

Some facts about Ecosystems

·       Transforming the industry with the collective-innovation involvement of an ecosystem is more impacting than working in solitary to drive value.

·       Ecosystem orchestration takes a leadership role to compete, with better standpoints for organisations.

·       SCs orchestration is the focal point of ecosystems, serving as the primary connection to enabling and facilitating best practices and benchmark across.

·       Supply Chain leaders seem to be the better orchestrators to develop an ecosystem, as recent Accenture’ research mentioned.

·       SC heads who orchestrate focus on ecosystem design, cost, agility, and on a common platform, are proved to display better outcomes.

·       With a common platform, ecosystem collaborators can share data, move resources up and down, as required, join forces from inside and outside, fast-track decision-making, and much more.

·       CSCOs must know which suppliers and partners are a better option for their design when planning for edge-innovation.

· A productive ecosystem sets the limit to cost and enhances business agility.

. A synchronised ecosystem creates a whole new manufacturing line in a shorter time than isolated processes take.  

·  Strategic collaboration among big organisations and well-build platforms is vital to growth.

One of the ecosystem qualities is that no single player sums the total elements of the solution and that the value created by collaborative ecosystems is more significant than individual contribution.

Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs), as well as Chief Operating Officers (COOs), are essential transformation factors, rocketing collaboration with outdoor partnerships to work efficiently for customers.  However, only one in 10 companies are looking to develop SC ecosystems due to the insufficient benefits essential to keep on producing.

The right partners for innovating are central for the generation of new values and further growth. Orchestrated-ecosystem could bring consolidated-economy scopes, savings, through visibility and predictive analytics. 

Besides, the benefits of cross-functional data combined with advanced analytics, it helps pinpoint the root causes of current issues and to identify opportunities for performance improvements.

Programs like these will bring millions in annual savings whilst improving the customer experience through enhanced visibility and delivery reliability. Furthermore, this kind of programs keeps expanding its capabilities to optimise total procured costs.

Leveraging that agility with a new mindset on cost, some SC managers are implementing a zero-based approach (ZBx), to support finances centred on today’s needs. Updating costs and financing approach first is vital to manage ecosystem partners. 

Leaders have brought together manufacturing, logistics partners and customers in their SC ecosystem through platforms that grant near-real-time visibility to global freights, forecasts delivery dates, and pinpoints exceptions to customer responsibilities.

Summing up: rather than just taking part in SC ecosystem, orchestrating an ecosystem could be your company’s factor to boost outgrowth and innovation.

Is your business willing to bring together all participants to build up a Synchronised Supply Chain Ecosystem?


Dave Food

Prophetic Technology

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