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Posted by Dave Food on Sep 20, 2021 9:41:49 PM
Dave Food

Ready for an Innovation Transformation program?

Sometimes, stakeholders are not easy to convince in innovative ideas to enhance your business opportunities due to the investment you have to do to make your company the next level due to:

·       Your company is lacking innovation capabilities.

·       You lack the proper framework to do so.

·       Your governance policies are challenging to manage.

How do we start an Innovation Transformation program?

You have to build forward-thinking innovation cultures by modernising the way your company works.  You will need an internal innovation team, train your top executives, and create a long-term innovation transformation agenda that produces business outcomes.

Innovation process 

A structured yet practical innovation process will make possible innovation projects move forward fast.  An individual governance configuration can help to maintain innovation procedures.

Design Thinking 

Design Thinking can be your way to customer empathy. It is essential to understand how this method could help you identify real customer problems and unmet needs.

Our goal should always aim to build sustainable, internal innovation capabilities among coworkers to ensure these talents stick within our corporation.  

Adaptability and agility 

A fast-changing market demands our businesses to immediately transforming capabilities to keep pace. Get your employees familiarised with positive adjustment, and treasure people adaptable to changes and the agility to respond to those changes.


The right set of creating innovative cultural skills are essential. Develop your team’s customer-centric way of thinking with the skills to develop new business models, products, services, and discover new markets for your innovative technology.

Customer-centric culture 

Put your empathy at the top of your capabilities, your end-customer at the very centre of your innovation process to delight them.  Keep in mind that clients are unique, and so are our operation programs.

Intrapreneurial tools

Make your managers adapt to a pro-active approach with their strategies using a  wide-ranging variety of entrepreneurial tools and well-defined intrapreneurship processes to change over ideas into market-ready solutions.

Conducting tests 

Learn through fostering a culture of experimentation, where you learn faster, better, and as much as possible, go over your learning style or change it if needed.

How do you scale the process of Innovation Transformation

You can scale your process by following these steps; which can take two or three months each:

·      Discover – Deep understanding of your current culture and innovation strengths.

·      Design - the change strategy and define your change team.

·      Identify – the needed innovation initiatives for the first pilot projects and convince execs.

·      Encourage entrepreneurship. Define how customer-centric is your workforce.

·      Pilot- Run as many pilots as you need to build up new capabilities. Show learning by doing.

·      Adapt – Refine the change strategy before scaling it to multiple projects. Adapt to the duration of the project, intensity of training, team diversity, tools used, commitment.

·      Provide the space for collaboration.

·      Scale – Scale the transformation program to impact the culture at the organisation level.

·      Establish a centre of excellence to manage the transformation program.

·      Scale the transformation program to impact the culture at the organisation level.

Do you find these steps helpful to start transforming innovatively?



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