Best Practices for Technology-supported programs

How to implement standard-best practices for technology programs? These are some principals to go by...

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Posted by Dave Food on Nov 26, 2019 3:17:04 PM
Dave Food

How to implement standard-best practices for technology programs? These are some principals to go by aimed for supporting Digital-development experts:

  • Develop sustainability: the development of sustainable digital tools, applications and platforms is vital to preserving user and shareholder encouragement, as well as to make the most out of long-term impact.
  • Stand for Data-driven approach: when a proposal is data-driven, quality information is accessible for the correct people when they connect to it, and when they use the data to drive actions.
  • Use open standards: accessible data, open-source, and available innovation.
  • Create with the user: a user-centre design begins with getting to know the people you are designing for, throughout dialogues, opinions and co-innovations.
  • Recognise the existing ecosystem: understand well-designed digital tools, considering the specific configuration and necessities present in each region, community or country.
  • Design for scale: Achieving scales requires adoption beyond an initiative pilot population and often necessitates securing funding or partner that takes the effort to new communities or regions.
  • Stand for collaboration: a collaborative environment involves sharing info, visions, line of attack, and resources around strategies, corporations, and divisions that show the pathway to improved productivity and influence.

The Digital Principles enhance the use of technology in development projects.

An open approach to digital development boosts collaboration in the digital environment and enhances efficient communication, whilst preventing the duplication of the work already done.

The first step is to identify crucial technology tools, procedures, standards, platforms, and digital content that have already been used and verified. You can learn about them through conferences, blogs, program evaluations, or at a digital development community.

Reusing and improving: reusing and Improving approach is about taking the work of the global development community farther away than any enterprise or program have done before. This kind of programs looks for ways to adapt and enhance current approaches, products, and resources.

  • Reusing means considering what resources you currently have at hand and using them to meet program goals.
  • To improve indicates transforming existing tools, products and resources to upgrade their quality, application and impact completely.

If your existing digital tools or approaches no longer match your needs, why not improve their features rather than decide to dispose of them, or what to choose to develop an object, process or technology entirely new for your industry?

It would be better to reuse or to improve a product in such a way to save the time and costs your company could invest in building and testing a new product out nowhere.

Security, along with privacy is vital when deploying digital-supported technology. These two concepts encompass conscious reflection on which data you should collect, how is it obtained, how to use it and who is using it, where to store it, who and when to share it, and evaluating the possible consequences all these procedures could bring.

LAST FINAL SUGGESTIONS: Supporting these principles for Digital development demand that the top levels of your organisation reach a decision to put the Digital Principles into action, performing them according to its guidelines, processes and interests.


Dave Food

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