Blockchain Industry Leaders Share Their Prediction for 2019

What the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry world leaders predict around these technologies of t...

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Posted by Dave Food on Jan 30, 2019 2:09:36 PM
Dave Food

What the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry world leaders predict around these technologies of the future? Indeed, 2018 was not a good year for this industry compared to the explosion it had in 2017.

Cryptocurrency predictions:

2019 will be an exciting year because many incubation programs are going on around the world. These researchers are centering all their efforts on building products to fit the market, and allow for a mass adoption of cryptocurrency in our lives. It is predicted that Bitcoin will hit million dollars by 2022.

A cryptocurrency supported by the G-20 nations will be launched soon. One of its features is that it will be the first legitimate national cryptocurrency linked to some governments. This digital tool will be in high demand in the coming year due to governments stability implied. On the other hand, one of Mark Zuckerberg's resolution for 2019 is the study of cryptocurrencies integrated into Facebook payments. Could it be a new creation of Facebook or an existing one?

Blockchain in the coming years

2019 will be a year of great researches and the materialisation of the Blockchain industry because the underlying innovative technological embedded in Blockchain will continue to evolve. Tools today are varied and numerous than ever before,  and they will keep growing as the user interaction with them becomes healthier and smoother.  In 2019 we will watch the deployment of the Initial Coin Offering (ICOs,) an excellent fundraising instrument. 

We will see mature-Blockchain companies with legitimate business models detaching from competitors. The escalation of the internet and e-commerce that happened last years will demand appropriate regulations to settle real business down.  

A license will be given to enterprises related to this area to operate in a regulated environment, making it easier to assimilate this technology into our ecosystem. We will experience a change in the way some sectors operate, like governments which expect to operate Blockchain technologies in the public area to benefit their citizens.

2019 will be an even more challenging year because the top 10 nations in the UE will count with a National Strategic Program for Artificial Intelligence management. It will make new economic niches more reachable. Agility and flexible approaches will ensure great investments in the digital market.

We anticipate more advancement toward the creation of efficient interoperability standards among different Blockchain networks, through a hybrid deployment encompassing the permissioned and no permissioned Blockchain network communities moving forward, and blurring the frontiers separating them. Moreover, Open Source and decentralisation have been at the forefront of innovation, bringing in great value because both tools provided security over and done with transparency.


The emergence of security tokens could become a million market, as nowadays everything from currencies, equities, real estate, and even energy are all tokenised. We are also going to see sometime next year, the first Decentralised Applications or Dapps, that will reach millions of users a day. Moreover, we will count on more scalable-faster blockchains intended for the use of all kind of customers who could get into it without the need of a token.

In 2019, we are going to see more around Initial Coin Offering (ICO,) an excellent tool for raising funds for the development or expansion of businesses which count on an external fund to keep growing. Others will go public, obtaining funds from individual investors by selling shares through an Initial Public Offering (IPO); these two innovative alternatives will become a common practice in 2019.

At the same time, while all this is happening, crypto investors will go around to Security Token Offerings (STOs), which have an underlying-financial value and support. The combination of the power-distributed ledger with more standardised security will open lots of doors to capital creation, while privacy will continue to be crucial. Due to the transparency involved in an efficient-designed token, there will be new ways to visualise possible risk and returns to become attractive enough to receive more significant investments.

In 2019 we will keep “building up,” as we are, in some way, in the starting process in which the crypto industry is developing the companies, products, and infrastructure to support the consolidation of both, companies and funds and making a great effort to raise capital.   When technology and value meet, then it would be the time for the industry to move into the next level of maturity.

To sum it up, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are flourishing and promising technologies still to develop to their full potential in 2019 and beyond. However, a deep crack will still subsist among those with robust technology and the ones trapped into weak-locked up networks. Take your chances and start right now overcoming the challenges 2019 will bring!

Dave Food

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