Blockchain is radically changing the Food Supply Chain

Do you know all the benefits Blockchain technology can bring to your Food Supply Chain (FSC)?

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Posted by Dave Food on May 7, 2020 3:19:12 PM
Dave Food

Do you know all the benefits Blockchain technology can bring to your Food Supply Chain (FSC)?

FSCs are extended-complicated processes as they go from farms and orchids to the table.  It is, by all means, a global food issue!

FSCs need of many links to smoothly flow all through the chain; still, enormous communications and inventory get lost all along, even though it already counts with the support of innovative-technology and systems.

How does Blockchain relieve your FSC?

  • Blockchain ups the game.
  • It helps with communication
  • It is a secure-easy-new way to keep track of vital data.
  • It boosts productivity and reduces unnecessary waste.
  • It is acting as a record keeper for multiple industries.
  • It makes sure the system flows correctly at all times.
  • It drives efficiency and automation to your FSC.
  • It helps in tracking products and information.
  • It betters food safety precautions.
  • It is here to save companies time and money.

How does it work?

Blockchain brings efficiency to the FSC.  It keeps track of every action within the process and automatically moves it on to the next task.  This simple process of automation is sufficient to change the way FSC currently works.

A Blockchain is a tracking system; every block of data contains smaller ones that stand for individual transactions.  Each transaction with its specific code provides data on how, when and where an item is relocated. It can keep detailed records on issues and monitor the process, engaging all partakers to interconnect openly under one-common language and program.  

You can take better advantage of this tracking information by applying Predictive Analytics so that the manufacturer can get an idea of forthcoming issues.

When managing the food industry, it is common practice to generate a certain amount of waste. However, with Blockchain, you can diminish this amount since the tool can foretell the freshness of a field-crop in the processing-line.  Furthermore, this same technology can filter supply and demand.

The tracking attribute of Blockchain also becomes valuable in reducing waste.  Companies can uncover when and where food was initially harvested, and the circumstances of the stored-inventory. It is quite common to hear people making false-asserting on the freshness of their products; Blockchain struggles for bringing this kind of issues to an end.

Blockchain goes further to make sure food that is not entirely fresh stops processing.  Food authorities have rules in each country; they are in charge of tracking food-safety measures, and make public the resulting records.

Authorities can inspect restaurants to make sure they are following safety protocols, can trace the source of poisoning-food or the uncontrol use of drugs when breeding animals, tracking hospitals to monitor the food given to patients; or using sensors in food-storage facilities, and much more.  This easily-at-hand info helps everybody put a stop to waste, by favouring healthier-food products, whilst managing the entire FSC.

Blockchains applied in Food Supply Chains is now used all over the world and represents enormous profits; switching over to Blockchain can be easy, although, not that easy in the beginning.  This tool has shown to address several functions inside the FSC industry, making this revolutionary-record-keeping system virtually indispensable to the process.

Summing up: The application of Blockchain in your Food Supply Chain is a secure-easy-means to monitor central data that will enhance productivity and cut down excessive waste.  Blockchain brings progress to your company! Be flexible enough to change your mindset to edge-technology.

Dave Food

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