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Catch hold of your team and open them up to the basics of Supply Chain Management and flow- centred operating systems. From e-Suite to Planners, including Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Sales, experts or beginners – all will gain much from innovated approaches, such as a Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) Supply Chain. It’s highly recommended for those coworkers concerned in changing their business into a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise. The challenges are many, but they will not only be self-motivated but also will get the soft skills to call for changing direction and manage your company into a forceful-demand driven modern enterprise!

What is DDMRP?

DDMRP can be better summarised as a multi-echelon planning and implementation method which safeguard and foster the flow of valuable information via the creation and administration of tactically-placed decoupling point stock buffer.

This DDMRP method, even now, merges several vital attributes of other processes, such as in Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), following easy-sequential five steps:

Position = Strategic decoupling or separation.

Protect = Buffer profiles and levels & dynamic adjustments.

Pull = Demand-Driven Planning & visible and collaborative execution.

Demand-Driven Supply Chain is a valuable approach which demonstrates the conceptual differences between conventional Supply Chain dominated by MPS, MRP and DRP models. Therefore, Individuals working in all areas of your organisation should be introduced to these conceptual differences between conventional Supply Chain approaches and evolving flow-based methodologies culminating in Demand Driven.

Education is essential in this transformation

The Demand-Driven Institute is a global organisation committed to change the way of doing business through a modern approach which breaks conventional rules, Metrics and tools. This Institute supports the idea that the function of Demand-Driven Operation Model (DDOM) is to provide the necessary steps of change management and the fundamental rules for collective intelligence, through a layout that is sociable to staffs at all levels in your enterprise Supply Chain.

Education can lead your staff to recognise the evolution of planning and execution systems and to establish the reason and place for a DDMRP. It will introduce the different forms of buffers to guard and encourage flow, involving competencies needed, people skills, time, and bring in the DDOM in today's intricate and unpredictable supply chains.

Offer a matching set of active educational programs intended to empower corporations to begin and keep you going with this implementation of a DDOM; continue to expand educational offerings as the Demand-Driven continues to grow; educational assistance in agreement to what you do for your company, plus your specific goals.

What are users saying about DDMRP?

• It has a methodology = rules, discipline and a set of procedures.

• It's clear = visibility and accessibility to the processes.

• It’s easy to interpret = easy to figure it out.

• It’s intuitive = you feel it’s true.

• It’s consistent = sticks to the same principles.

Summing up:

DDMRP is a starting step towards a much larger transformation into growing a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise; it generates valuable results supporting the principle of flow and enhances the conviction of your enterprise to go on applying practical managements procedures and Metrics which would bring a good ROI. Continue to expand educational offerings as the Demand Driven continues to grow. By all means, DDMRP is an easy-reliable implementation approach. Go for it!

Dave Food

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