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Chances for Career Switchers are better now than ever

The currently gaining ticket involves a career switch into SC, Logistics and Transportation for all ...

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Posted by Dave Food on Nov 30, 2021 4:06:56 PM
Dave Food

The currently gaining ticket involves a career switch into SC, Logistics and Transportation for all career starters.  It is not just the drivers and warehouse workers field, but white-collar and managerial openings looking for better payments, training is quick whilst chances go on growing. 

News about Supply Chain (SC) shortages and problems at ports make employers recruit students across universities and colleges, those willing to try a new career in SC, Logistics and Transportation, the current careers and jobs that saw an increase of 34.9%, switching patterns offered by different industries.

Chances for students are better than ever. 

Human Resources and recruiting leaders in this topic analysed several careers and workforce which have changed their approach.  Logistics ranked No. 1 among industries catching the attention of people who formerly worked in other areas. Let Switchers see if a shift could be for them; focus on their exchangeable competencies across industries and professions.

Health care demands

When speaking of healthcare providers, distributors, or hospital research divisions, they demand individuals interested in Supply Chain, Procurement, Inventory Planning, and Logistics. These are well-paying jobs, and there is an ample opportunity to make a difference in serving the community still struggling with the crisis.

Transportation and the congested Supply Chain

Veteran truck drivers are experiencing the many challenges our economies face due to a congested SC. No trucking companies would pay to register their trucks to haul containers for the short term because they can get higher rate loads beyond the ports. 

After several meetings with SC experts, they concluded that it is necessary to integrate sea and land operations; ocean carriers, truckers, shipping agents, lorry drivers, warehouses, distribution centres, and retail stores.  It is an enormous challenge to work out that will require years from clever young people analysing products and processes. Career switchers can find a fresh start in these ten industries:

·       Logistics and Transportation

·       Software and IT services

·       Corporate services

·       Wellness and Fitness

·       Real State

·       Media and Communications

·       Health Care

·       Recreation and Travel

·       Consumer goods

·       Finance 

Even in favoured industries, the flow of talent goes in both directions. Logistics and Transportation experienced a 34.9% increase in Career Switchers and a 30.8% surge in workers quitting this industry to attempt something different.

The Wellness and Fitness industry has seen entering and leaving practices, with a little higher percentage of people going the two ways.  That might show this field popularity with career starters who welcome the chance to make temporarily living wages as Pilates instructors, for example, to shift to something else in a short time. 

Healthcare is another example of a two-way flow.  A recent survey mentioned that roughly 30% of Healthcare workers have considered leaving their profession, even though nearly 60% reveal stress from the pandemic affecting their mental health. Burnout rates (34.4% increase) are mainly caused by the COVID-19, which has disrupted career pathways in many ways.  

Yet, hospitals and medical practices are persistent because of the need for hiring; Health Care job fairs focus on individuals who want to get back into the workforce.  Undoubtedly, to qualify as a registered nurse or a physician takes many years; it is not the case of jobs where prerequisites are lighter for less complex professions.  The cause might be higher salary; the opportunity to grow an on-demand professional career, salary rates, and the chance to build up demanded job skills through short training explains the appeal.  

Recruits with non-traditional qualifications receive training during intense boot camps that provide digital skills more rapidly and affordably than conventional academic programs.  After five months of training, they secure IT and Database Management roles, paying a high yearly salary. Media, remarkably, is another field where newcomers to this industry are increasing rapidly, possibly due to the exodus of talent from contracting sectors such as TV stations and newspapers. 

Constant growth in the Social-media sector -- especially the demand for creators -- is bringing in fresh talent from here and there.  Successful careers in Media can start without any formal diplomas or expensive training, as it is with influencers at TikTok or YouTubers who can move into the field, no matter their background. Talent migration rates during 2020 dropped 40% or more in many cases, likely to continue into the present.  

The lowest trends for hiring career switchers are Energy and Mining, Public Administration and Education; there has been a rise in workforce departure in fields as Health Care, Wellness and Fitness, Real Estate that experienced an escalating talent exodus for other industries.

Further comments:  substantial growth in those careers pivoted over the past two years. In many cases, the labour market has a dual flood, meaning that the same profession can be a valued destination for some -- and a workplace to leave behind for others.

Are you a potential industry career Switcher, or do you value your current career?



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