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Blockchain technology has developed as an answer to creating protected-stronger Cold Supply Chain. A...

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Posted by Dave Food on Jan 29, 2020 3:57:06 PM
Dave Food

Blockchain technology has developed as an answer to creating protected-stronger Cold Supply Chain. A Cold Chain is a multipart-distribution process that has to monitor, examine, quantify, register on and certify products. Manufactured articles are carefully supervised and temperature-controlled to deliver those products which are significantly sensitive to high temperatures, such as medicine and dairy.

Blockchain and Health SC consequences, like inactive vaccines or infected food, not only seriously harm consumers, but result in lost revenue, severe waste and mistrust in your brands, with high-related costs when conditions of recollects or legal tracking down happen.

Good Distribution Practice (GDP) policies are intended mainly to standardise the supply of medicinal products from the manufacturer to end-user (the patient). What do these regulatory institutions require from cargoes distributing pharmaceuticals and perishable goods?

• Goods should be preserved between 2 to 8 degrees Celsius at all times, from manufacturing all the way to end consumers.

• Services and deliveries to developing countries should be as efficient as those delivered to developed countries, considering possible hot climates or inadequate transport network.

• Standards set to require that all businesses involved in the extensive supply and importation of food or medicines must have sufficient memory means in place.

Blockchain can deal with the heat

Blockchain technology is the digitisation of SC files; all stakeholders, from raw material suppliers, manufacturers to retailers, feed their data into a collaborative ledger. All of them have access to the ledger but can never change the logged information.

Each specific food or medical item can be introduced through a cryptographically code at the start of the Cold Chain, then it goes into the shared data ledger, and the account of every product can be logged in on the Blockchain library.

We gain end-to-end transparency and traceability, making the whole process more efficient. Possible issues of high-temperature affecting food or medication in the SC can be detected rapidly, cutting time-reply to improve the security of food and medicine.

The IoT integrated into the power of Blockchain

The combination of Blockchain tech with the Internet of Things (IoT) tools is the best way we have for better Food and Health SC processes. The IoT devices can track the exact rise and fall of temperature over time for each item, so members are well-informed of which products were exposed to alarming heat. Use them for Cold Chain safety measures through scanners, sensor and advanced packaging technology which automatically detect endangered products.

Examples of IoT devices supporting cold chains are, for instance, hand-held mobiles that scan pallets and depict information; temperature and humidity sensors which document data in real-time; and still advanced-packaging tech which automatically detect irregularities in the Blockchain.

IoT devices driven by a linked network can also help keep up controlled-temperature environments from top to bottom. Both tools can integrate advanced-preservation methods to guaranty all goods are travelling through a constant-unbroken cold line.

Tracking and Preventing Unsafe Products

End-to-end transparency and traceability are vital to ensuring that response time is reduced and that safety measures are built up. It can be done using Blockchain.

Further comments: Blockchain will innovate our cold chains, making them resistant to heat and risk, so to safeguard products, brands and, most importantly, our consumer. Still, now, several official regulations stipulate that legal primacy of paper over digitised records generates a slow- down in the deploying of next-gen technologies such as Blockchain.

Error in our Cold Supply Chain is out of the question!

Dave Food

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