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Digital Marketing, the effective use of power messaging

Marketers have to go where people are, discover where their marketing is most effective, and have a ...

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Posted by Dave Food on Jul 9, 2019 2:51:45 PM
Dave Food

Marketers have to go where people are, discover where their marketing is most effective, and have a close look at who their target market might be. To achieve this purpose, they need to be active on Digital Marketing through the use of Social Media platforms.

Social Media trendy platforms and resources

  • A video is and incredibly-effective Digital Marketing tool and now the most-favoured resource for marketers.  You can put videos on several platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or even your website. Now videos match up with the valuable usage of Metrics that supplies much more useful data to assess what is working for your business; you can obtain and communicate much info, as well as projecting your brand qualities with a video.  By maintaining Ethics and quality in your video production, you would have impressive gains. Video Digital Marketing in something you have to put your money in!
  • Live Video or Live Streaming is one of the fastest-valuable tools to count on due to the large outbreak in streaming services. Live Streaming makes the difference for Digital Marketing when combined with Marketing influencers who use Social Media to send their message to a specific audience instantly.
  • Facebook is still the number one Social Media platform with a high percentage of users being seniors demographic. Facebook had a data breach in 2018 that affected millions of users. Therefore, this platform might be very unsuitable for some campaigns, as it lost popularity among younger demographics. However, Facebook is still a massive platform to check in.   
  • Instagram is an image and video-based Social Media platform. Its main characteristic is that it makes it very easy for users to share photos and videos from their phone. This platform has an explosive reach, becoming one of the most rapidly growing platforms and is favoured by many younger-demographic users under 30.
  • A chatbot is an intelligent type of software that operates as a “virtual concierge," interacting efficiently with humans, helping them in fulfilling their needs, mainly through the use of text-chat windows; however, speaking interactions are also possible. Chatbots are already used on Facebook for different-personalised tasks, such as weather reports and automating several necessary supports for customer tasks by sophisticated software.
  • Content Marketing is a foremost-ever rising element in the Marketing panorama. However, does it work? A recent survey indicates that just 35% of marketers believe their Content Marketing and distribution strategy is "very successful," becoming the right choice for the business. Other study found that 70% of consumers preferred to learn about a company from an article rather than an advertisement. The same survey found that companies who use blogs get 55% more site visitors and 97% more backlinks. Therefore, we can state that the value of Content Marketing in terms of site traffic alone, is worth the effort! There is an interest in exploring more deeply into who the aimed receivers are, as it is now much more essential to comprehend the targeted market. Knowledgeable material for specific industries can also generate remarkable outcomes. That, linked with innovative techniques measuring content effectiveness, keep Content Marketing valuable and running forwards. Do not ever sacrifice quality!
  • Emails for Marketing purposes is an excellent tool, as it is still an essential channel of communication with billions of users, used for several reasons, such as academic, legal, scientific uses, and commercial, industries, or personal purposes.

The evolving combination of automated devices and personalisation in email, allow you to send a specific product to a particular individual, and when you can start your email Marketing to someone in concrete, it can be very successful.  The use of email is every so often the final "spark off" to motivate action.

Voice Interaction through apps like Siri, Google, Alexa, and a host of other “smart” devices, is on the rise.  By all means, talking is the most simple-favoured way of interrelating among individuals; these smart devices which count with AI tools can grab the manner people want to interact, shop, search, or discover new things.

However, there are some challenges to catch your eye on.  When you ask a smart machine to perform a search, and the host replies orally, it might make available just one choice. It's one area Digital Marketing can't ignore, because people depend on it now more than ever.

CONCLUSIONS: digital panorama is a major-virtual environment today. So, to stay ahead of competitors, you need to transform your Marketing approach by the use of a digital Social Media.


Dave Food

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