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How learning is changing, the increasing value of soft skills, and how these are transforming our wo...

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Posted by Dave Food on Sep 4, 2019 6:01:26 PM
Dave Food

How learning is changing, the increasing value of soft skills, and how these are transforming our working environment are nothing compare to the changes we’re watching in Education this year.

Some researchers state that young people ranging from 25 to 44 have been changing fields since starting their first job after college and that almost 50% of millennials plan to quit their current job shortly. Job-jumping from corner to corner everyone line of work and positions is now a common-established practice well accepted by the current workforce.

Are these nonlinear-careers recently designed bringing the benefits expected? For sure, this kind of Education would bring opportunities never seen before.

Reasons why all this revolution is happening

· Adding gigantic loans to the already loaded debts, worker/students need to pay.

· The growing presence of affordable opportunities for Continuing Education courses.

· The desire for an improved salary needed to pay monthly loan payments.

· The universities online-platforms are offering reasonably priced opportunities to reskill or upskill, making it more accessible and more affordable careers changes.

· Chances to work whilst studying.

· Workers may be forced to switch job-related categories as Digital transformation, and advances on Artificial Intelligence disrupt the global workforce.

More fragmented and flexible careers

A study by McKinsey affirmed that millions of workers might be pushed to change job-related areas that as Digital transformation, Automation, and developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) upset the global work environment. The trending features of many careers is to be more fragmented and flexible.

Higher Education is facing these changes by maturing-advanced online-learning models to encourage those who want to polish both old and new capabilities in advancing subjects such as Cybersecurity and Data Science, without having to pay a considerable amount on tuitions, or the need to resign their jobs.

With these online-learning models, students would then have the chance to do the final semester of their careers at the campus, and the overall tuitions will be cut down. These online courses can be as short as a four-week plan, up to a two-year for fully online Master’s degree.

Education is full of the bright worker who decided to move on of their current roles in an enterprise, into much more educational programs like Web Development, Cyberattack Management, Data Science, and much more. This kind of workers could accomplish their online studies and project their new careers to new dimensions, neither breaking their economy nor even taking time off from work.

You can reskill and upskill your career by taking the opportunity of offering solutions proposed across Education sources. These Education trends will revolutionise the workplace encouraging a more multipurpose-enthusiastic-educated workforce whilst taking steps to close significant skill gaps concerning new technological-driven careers.

No doubt that workers who adjust their careers early and often will have the opportunity to develop varied skills, such as problem-solving, time management and relationship building, to name a few.

Keep an eye to these trends:

  • The jobs of the future will be Education focusing on hybrid skills from a diversity of subject areas changing multiple times all through our careers.
  • Education goes omnichannel. Higher education degrees must also evolve by generating flexible and personalised qualification. Modular learning and Education will be the top tendency because of its ability to allow students to tell apart the skills and knowledge learned to match their needs to career goals.
  • Soft skills, including collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and the ability to make quick decisions from a set of information will stay vital for all staffs.

Further comments: Job-hopping is no longer an issue because now employees have limitless opportunities when it comes to reshaping their careers. To support this statement, recruiting professionals today say that when in search of candidates, transferable skills now hold higher weight than their academic scores or significant work experience.

Decide for cutting-edge online programs offering certifications that are favourable for your professional progress in the era of the linear career path. Include Leadership, Team Management and more. Affordable and accessible Education opens the entrances to develop the latest in-demand skills, the ones that are transferable skills valuable and applicable in every job situation.


Dave Food

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