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In coming years, fewer workers will be responsible for providing for escalating-nonworking individua...

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Posted by Dave Food on Jan 22, 2020 7:43:11 PM
Dave Food

In coming years, fewer workers will be responsible for providing for escalating-nonworking individuals, whilst labour supply will move to undeveloped-regions around the world where there is a reduced amount of educated people or not enough technically-skilled. This talent change is a focal point SC manager need to work on. Supply Chain Execution Convergence (SCEC) is a basis for today’s global supply chains.

The definition of convergence refers to two or more items coming together or developing into one. The Internet is the best example of technological convergence because the use of old devices (radio, television, print media, videos, audios, pictures and computer) were isolated articles; now, the Internet has converged these items at one place, as the cell phone does.


Digital data started all out, but there are several other types of convergence into advanced classifications. These encompass technology, tools, and services, media, industry, and information technology.

The elements transforming the SC workforce

To make the best business decisions and invest in the proper technology planning for the future, companies and their SC leaders have to consider several factors resulting in undetermined variables. So, they should identify and put in place strategies to develop the very best set of human capabilities and technology; they would be responsible for undergoing a significant transformation process.

Gartner Predicts 2019 mentioned that four elements would converge while moving towards this revolution. (Gartner Predicts 2019 for Supply Chain Operations)


1. The labour resource is declining

In 2012, the non-working-age population advances became more massive than the working-age people. This development will persist, mainly impacting on SC talent planning, making it vital to develop systems to attract and retain talent.

The adoption of edge-technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Analytics at a rapid rate in decision making will be crucial to face in an escalating-automated environment. As a result, demands for digital processes is vital for SC talent programs.

2. Intelligent machines

When talking about demand planning and order-to-cash processes, AI will bring flourishing SC environments, taking any complication away, automates daily outcomes, forecasts orders, and cuts down costs.

SC leaders are using Machine Learning (ML) to spot daily demand down to customer and run everyday activities.

3. Virtual is the here and now experience

Industry uses image technology to understand conditions in near-real-time. Digital twins and 3D digital printing products make possible on-demand production and customisation. These are two emerging examples of virtual capabilities, redesigning and impacting the SC processes, as they both are technologies that create digital representation: physical products and process features as well, ideal for conducting tests for significant variables.

4. Circular economy

The general public considers waste generating deplorable; as a consequence, SC executives must adopt a circular economy in which an already used up manufacture-good is sent back to the factory to be recycled and then reused with totally different characteristics.

The goal is to provide customer value with least wastage. These processes must be automated using previous mentioned technologies (AI and Digital Twins) in the end, to enable the SC to have its ecosystem.

Further comments: achieving a SCEC excellence is almost unachievable if companies do not operate on interconnected-systems, or simple end-to-end process to link up to all their stakeholders. Considering ethical matters and social requirements, converging technologies could accomplish a remarkable development in human capacities, the economic activities, the quality of life and the most out of our enterprises.


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Dave Food

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