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Food Industry and Dining Trends to Lookout

Do you have a precise knowledge of what is going on around the Food industry and how it's affecting ...

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Posted by Dave Food on Apr 18, 2019 2:42:51 PM
Dave Food

Do you have a precise knowledge of what is going on around the Food industry and how it's affecting dining preferences? Pay attention to the significant shifts happening around the world.

According to the latest reports by global Food industry experts, as well as restaurants and hotel opinions, 2019 bring incredibly changes in the consumers' way of eating.  These trends go further than just face-recognition or AI ordering systems in fast food, but the automation of every service carried out by robots in restaurants, as well as in room service in hotels are here to stay.

The food industry should look up to what is happening!

The global restaurant associations informed that three in five consumers order delivery or takeout at least once a week.  Delivery sales could rise an annual average profit of billion worldwide by 2030.  Restaurants will see this profit from a variety of venues:

·       Pick-ups.

·       Direct delivery from a restaurant.

·       Delivery from a third-party delivery company (UberEATS is a good example.)

Even though direct delivery from restaurants still leads the Food industry, the third-party delivery app is gaining a great spacetactic to catch the attention of new diners to their platforms.  Subscription models that eliminate per-delivery fees offer a great value proposition for consumers.

What are restaurants doing to outstand from the competition?

Maintaining the quality of food and service has been the focal point of the Restaurant industry.  In 2019, the industry will carry on moving toward out-of-the-box experiences for consumers.  Restaurants now should ask themselves what they can do to offer diners unforgettable experiences at their preferred restaurants. 

Consumers concerned in Transparency

In 2019, the Supply Chain (SC) transparency embraces a different meaning than it has in previous years.  Customers are now worried about absolute transparency than sourcing facts. Customers demand full transparency on pricing, net costs and corporate culture and performance, emphasising fair trade, diversity, living salaries, and executive benefit, and at the core of all these is the planet, and the need to make public the facts around environmental impact, preservation proposals, and ongoing animal well-being. Businesses are currently operating with the earth in mind.

Implementing an online ordering solution

As restaurants main intention is to provide a smooth experience for consumers, restaurant technology such as “all-in-one restaurant management platforms” have become a valuable tool for restaurant owners and managers to integrate point-of-sale, analytics, online ordering, inventory management, and more. It allows them more time to pay attention to their guests and look after emerging trends that could launch their brand to the next level.

The Food industry needs to encompass all aspects of hospitality, from restaurants to the hotel food delivering services, plus from staff to menu to technology, waste reduction of both product and time, and afford customers with the most exceptional quality experience never imaginable.

To match with new demands, upgrading restaurant management platform is a top priority, a cloud-based restaurant management platform that boosts point-of-sale, inventory, online ordering, loyalty programs, a mobile app, and payment processing.

All these bring us to the dine-in or dine-out trends. Which is more convenient? Of course, it’s up to you! Hereafter some fact:

Reasons to dining-in trends

·       Increased automation. Nowadays, the escalating of automation dining experiences is becoming a more usual procedure. Bots are everywhere! For instance, not only cooking your food but escorting customers to sit- down restaurants to a designated table or taking orders.  Watch out for more bots next year!

·       Rent on the rise, salaries, tight finances and high tariffs are also remarkable considerations.

·       More people will eat at home – Due to the rising prices of dining-out, compare to the more fixed prices in supermarkets, forecasts that more customers will stay home to dine in 2019. Research done regarding the money people expend eating out keeps going up each year.

·       The quality of supermarket gourmet food, the popularity of meal kits, which together contribute to this outlining trend of dining-in. 

·       Millennials, a 75 million market niche, like to cook, reason why they spend four nights a week dining in.

Final comments:  As you can see, there's a new-significant move relating Food Industry. Dining-in will bring you substantial savings in the long run.  Ingredients, meat, and vegetables from supermarkets are very affordable.

Moreover, most foods served in restaurants contain high amounts of fat and calories, and they can be harmful to your health.  Dining-in is one of the best ways to promote a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, relating to social matters, dining-in will be the leading trend in 2019, because eating at home offers an excellent opportunity for family and friends’ getting together.


Dave Food

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