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How to get ready for the future Marketing changes

The imminent changes in Marketing caused by the coming of the online, the digital world and how cust...

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Posted by Salvador C. Hermoso on Mar 6, 2023 4:53:22 PM
Salvador C. Hermoso
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The imminent changes in Marketing caused by the coming of the online, the digital world and how customer interactions change means current changes represent new challenges for your brand to be seen. Consumers are searching for your article or service value and acceptance, making it vital for enterprises to become aware of the consumer's requirements and desires.


Notice that market research and product planning begin before production occurs. The information and insights from such research will determine the product's future. Pricing, distribution, and delivery are involved too. Many industries develop and offer similar products and services, so the Marketing competition is tough since Marketing teams are accountable for presenting variations among products that seem to be the same to most consumers.

With digitalization ever-growing, the past few years have brought immense changes to the industry. The current worldwide pandemic outcomes are still spreading, and people working in Marketing must be flexible, as consumer behavior will forever change.

In addition, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process must be highly personalized and directed to a specific niche. The success of this procedure hangs on the marketers and their capability to find a consumer and please him. It is why Marketing leaders worldwide struggle to determine coming changes to remain one step ahead, prepared for no matter what, and flexible enough given the present situations.

Some of Modern Marketing benefits:

 Creation of employment opportunities – It seems that the Marketing industry generates great employment for individuals engaged in different settings, encompassing warehousing, insurance, salesmanship, wholesaling, promotion, transportation, and retailing.

Higher production quality – Consumers nowadays demand higher quality goods and services and excellent customer experience. Therefore, Marketing should be headed toward achieving a gratifying customer experience.

Encourages healthy competition - Marketing fosters strong yet healthy competition among manufacturers. High competition pushes organizations to draw out one another in the process, would embark on better quality products, demonstrates that they have the customers' best awareness in mind, guarantees higher revenue by defying themselves, and leads organizations to the best use of resources.

Improving consumer’s status - By looking after consumers’ requirements and fulfillment, Marketing enhances their status in society. It makes the consumer the superstar of the process.

How the pandemic disrupted Marketing

Before the pandemic, the world was experiencing a slow but constant shift, mainly regarding more conscious consumption, further accelerated by the pandemic. Today, companies need to change plans and move along these shifts. People are focusing on their health and well-being more than ever. Customers are pulled to sustainable, purpose-driven, ethical, and transparent brands.

Working from home has become the new norm; it is here to last for countless people. Moreover, the recently launched “Digital Nomad” standard of living and several other just introduced work styles have disrupted Marketing massively.

Practically, all businesses have enhanced Marketing importance, so they have re-designed their Marketing strategies, implemented new software, and generated more dynamic approaches to help brands accomplish their targets in months.

Another significant Marketing element for transformation is the shortening of the customer’s journey by eliminating middle parts, making the consumer’s journey quicker and more competent; multiple approaches adopt personal practices that people value the most.

Digital investments grew this past year exponentially. New capabilities, software, and tools were introduced; these have become Marketing evolution support and are expected to expand even more in the coming years. These tools help brands generate:

·       Quality and better outcomes.

·       Customers achieve their targets faster, whether a service or a purchase.

·       Allows audiences to undergo a higher level of transparency and connectivity.

·       They can now get a nearer view into the workings of their favorite brands and companies.

·       A much better result will help companies stay afloat in these trying times.

If experiences are the method, outcomes are the goal, and Time to Value is the metric. How to stay one step ahead; follow these tips:

·       Use Google’s new update – For instance, the Core Web Vitals—Google's Page Experience metrics.

·       The new “data revolution” is the latest privacy protocol to end third-party cookies.

·       Direct relationships with your customer - Brands are quickly migrating to online reshaping and attracting digital consumers, allowing you direct relationships, a practice becoming ever more significant.

·       Users have to be capable of interacting with site pages and all components as fast and smoothly as possible to avoid sudden and unexpected changes, possibly impacting your site negatively.

·       Social commerce - Instagram and Facebook have implemented shops into their platforms, and unquestionably, we are current users to understand their products better and ultimately make a purchase; a Social Media Marketing strategy worth considering.

·       Implement trust & transparency – Companies must be worth-trusted and transparent in dealing with the data they collect, offering consumers relevant value in exchange for it.

·       Utilize Voice-searching – This tool has rapidly become a big part of our lives; more people have begun using their voice-enabled devices daily. Brands can utilize this by optimizing their voice-search abilities, focusing on longer key phrases with search intention to stay ahead.

·       Allow customers to engage with you through Live videos. The TikTok phenomenon based on today’s young generation has quickly become the number one channel for brands and companies. Instagram introduced its version of the platform through Instagram Reels. Using these platforms allows businesses to naturally create a content strategy to apply to their target audience's feeds.

Live videos are also a popular form of Marketing on Social Media. Audiences react to them better than other types of activity, such as blogs, posts, or pictures, as a real-time interaction.

·       Hire an influencer - Brands benefit from this trend by working with a ‘micro-influencer’ who can share and recommend your brand across platforms, such as Instagram and Tik Tok. This tool allows your product to be viewed and trusted faster than other types of Marketing.

·       Partnerships – Well-established organizations can help you build your brand, meaning lower investments, diminishing risk, and making exciting, creative decisions. It suggests doubling your customer base and getting your brand in front of new niches; it makes both companies look more attractive while fortifying your brand's reputation.

·       Invest in Augmented Reality (AR) and Automation – These are more economical than conventional channels. For instance, they are cheaper, more interactive, and environmentally friendlier than print ads.

·       Adopt B2B2C - With remote working and unemployment, B2B Marketing is disrupted profoundly. Email Marketing might fall off; however, it also unlocks new challenges for other campaign formulas. The B2B2C approach links consumers with a corporation target list.

·       Marketing apprentice - Marketing is constantly evolving, so employing a Marketing apprentice can be a fantastic way to stay ahead of the competition.

Summing up: Marketing today is going through major shifts. Brands must accelerate their product and service re-designing practices to work out a solution to understand better customers' changing behavior and needs.

Are you ready to cope with future Marketing trends?


Salvador C. Hermoso

Prophetic Technology

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