How will the 4th Industrial Revolution Change Our Careers?

It is unquestionable that the constant automation and digitisation of our world and our workplace is...

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Posted by Dave Food on Jan 9, 2019 1:23:21 PM
Dave Food

It is unquestionable that the constant automation and digitisation of our world and our workplace is a result of this 4th Industrial Revolution. Technological advancement such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT,) makes it imperative for a call to action to start updating the traditional approaches currently in use. However, these changes aren’t always so positive when talking about work loses.

Workforce planning demands for a flexible approach in which the company brings together talent from the in-house workforce and external experts working in teams for a specific project, therefore, the enterprise must recruit individuals with particular skill-set and technical know-how, resulting in a substantial shift for shorter-term employment.

As a result, whether you are a full-time employee of an enterprise or a freelancer, your career perception has to change. Now, you become the CEO directing your professional employment wherever you want to foresee it, and prepare and train to develop the necessary skills and resources to respond to a given customer and business needs. This tendency calls for a broader horizon of upcoming opportunities.

Multiple Internet-based resources make it easier for everyone to access to crucial education or training courses, as it’s possible to find plentiful-free or cheap courses in the path to shape your career to set yourselves up for success. You can find a great variety of employment sites to make it easier to know and compare the opportunities available to get a job.

Moreover, relating to those professionals who already have a steady career in an organisation, it comes the time to upgrade it by engaging on these advanced-technology skills in accordance to the new transformation your enterprise is now welcoming. Take advantage of the several learning opportunities to enhance your skill-set to keep you sought-after for the changing economy:

Educational programs to catch up the 4th Industrial Revolution:

  • Invest in flexible continuing education for your workers, taking advantage of what colleges offer, like online educational programs to follow, managing them on their own pace.
  • Search at top talent networks, qualified and tested for a given job feature. When you work with independent-outside, freelance-service providers the risk lessen, and you can count on an enormous amount of talented professionals out there to consider, and who offer their abilities to come up with the faster-effective solution to your tech implementation.
  • You can access the learning knowledge from some of the world’s top universities with just an Internet link. The certificate of achievement you will receive at the end of any course is quite well validated by HR executives and recruiters.

How should we prepare for it?

We can start, even at high-school levels, assuring young people to develop the skills to do well on whatever career they choose. Teach interpersonal-soft skills, like teamwork and leadership, to follow their passions to give them that extra motivation to stand out; operating machines as a tool for their future development of a career and work, merging themselves in their communities and start looking at older generations as the valuable expertise to learn. Schools have an essential role in this.

Some reflections to sum up: it might not be possible for everyone to benefit from the 4th Industrial Revolution, due to its cost and rapid evolution. We are going to see many jobs disappearing, causing a vast majority to be left behind.

People need to look further ahead and take advantage of a human/machine partnerships to tackle whatever issues that might happen, and make active decisions to ensure that all share the benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Take control of your future professional development like a CEO, as you are the one to empower your career as a professional’s commitment to skills acquisition and personal growth, resources needed by the businesses of tomorrow.


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