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Including everyone into your Sustainable Business Framework

“Sustainability isn’t something we do. It’s everything we do.” - Jerre Stead,

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Posted by Dave Food on Sep 15, 2021 3:38:13 PM
Dave Food

“Sustainability isn’t something we do. It’s everything we do.” - Jerre Stead,

Every action we take can work to protect or not Nurture and our organisations.  Businesses must commit to preserving the highest integrity and ethical standards whilst protecting our planet and building up collaborative global communities.

All companies should have a Sustainable Business Framework deep install in daily operations. It is a way of organising our company culture and designing and implementing the planning, management, and evaluation of activities to improve and maintain healthy outcomes at all levels. 

Business project staff and local stakeholders should implement this Sustainability Framework, and it should encompass governance, the environment, the community, colleagues whilst bringing positive benefits to our organisation.   Sustainability has an evident impact on the stock market. The work structure responds to the need to cover the participation and involvement of the different interested parties in the company changing process.

This approach requires all partakers to apply Sustainability measures to all perspectives of business endeavours, including all business facilities, operations, products and services, logistics distribution, waste recycling, suppliers, service providers and contractors, key business partners and in diligence processes relating to mergers and acquisitions. 

This Sustainable Framework outlines policy around strategic pillars: 

Governance: companies in their path towards an innovative, better future should commit to delivering the best to customers. They should include elements of board governance, human rights, code of conduct, data protection, cybersecurity, customer delight, considering all partakers with dignity and respect and making available, workable atmospheres for every individual to succeed.

The Environment: Working eco-efficiently means caring for the planet and natural resources while supporting innovative measures for a more sustainable world, such as increasing the responsibility for carbon footprints, energy efficiency, climate resilience, and more.  

Community:  Collaboration is fundamental for promoting a sustainable world. Companies fostering community partnerships, collaborative work, sharing time, talent and resources for a constructive-lasting and meaningful impact through the implementation of sustainable environmental and ethical standards, creating and fostering a culture of belonging, offering competitive benefits, advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, and providing a healthy and safe workplace. 

Every colleague should have the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to the Sustainable Business Framework; it applies to all, including full/part-time and permanent terms, contingent workers including consultants, temporary workers and third parties working on our behalf.  This policy is valid for all aspects of business operations. 

Sustainability became a pinpoint value to any organisation, as its good management generates profitability. The market demands it, and companies may disappear if time and resources are not invested in this work.  

Finally, suppose a media or other interest group points you for poor environmental management or negative impact on the community, among others; in that case, the value of its stock on the stock market can fall in minutes, almost in seconds.

Conclusions: Together, we have the potential to make a significant impact on our corporations, our communities, Nature and our world because we shared the future. 

Is your company coming on board with your sustainability project?


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