Industry 4.0 Revolution Taking Our Business Over

“Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and precision medicine, could create more j...

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Posted by Dave Food on Apr 3, 2019 3:44:15 PM
Dave Food

“Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and precision medicine, could create more jobs than predicted, depending on how enterprises respect the moral responsibility and economic imperative to take proactive approaches to invest in retraining and continuing educating their employees,” (World Economic Forum, Sept. 17, 2018.)

How could enterprises respond fast to the millions of worker who might lose their jobs or need to change their work-related careers right now? Industry 4.0 Revolution dominates the evolution of our life, business, and careers.

Considerations around these key topics

1. Economic growth: Enterprise, capital, labour, and land are the main components of production that drive economic expansion. The entrepreneurial capability is regularly falling due to the lack of ability and support they are experiencing today when facing rapid technological changes. Therefore, the industry must reinforce independent entrepreneurs, both through education and economic programs.

2.Social value changes: The rapid increase in workforce freelancers is impressive. The main reasons for this change are because of the autonomy, extra income, time, and workplace flexibilities. At the same time, co-working spaces are breaking all the records of popularity, as jobs are fulfilled must of the times in advance. Features like working anywhere and anytime are highly valued; it is predictive that freelancing will escalate to the top shortly.

3. Re-educating the workforce: Taking part of the economic maturity needs to attract students toward an intense-shorter skill-based education, as they are going to be the future workforce. Organisations must focus mainly on the skills required to accomplish their objective to stay competitive and responsive to the market changes. The constant continuing-education and training programs provide for the skill gaps to adapt to the shifting roles and new responsibilities your enterprise needs. Start now!

4. Technology: Industry 4.0 and all the digital technology in it, brings great pressure on organisations to implement automotive technology in their industries, the kind of tension that cannot guarantee organisational openness to adapt to these revolutionary changes. Millions of individuals might be replaced in the future if re-educating and training approaches to Industry 4.0 are not achieved soon.

Missing Security, how can we protect our companies and workforce?

Many specialists consider that the adaption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has brought enormous risk to their enterprises, making networks cyber-attacked easy! Broad-minded industrial organisations are well ensuring the visibility, security and control of their environments, reacting quickly to new threat and attacks. The 2019 Industrial Security landscape is aimed to cope with real risks. Therefore, they are investing enormous sums on security, and hopefully, it will be of everyday use no matter the size or area of competence.

Cyber-attacks will be more sophisticated and will keep targeting multiple locations or sites simultaneously; for that reason, companies need to evolve to more safety security models, more sharing of information within communities, safer devices to gain security to be protected against new threats. Furthermore, collaboration/sharing of threat intelligence tools will be required to recognise, better inform and to diminish the new Industrial Control System (ICS) threats. We will see more new ICS Specific standards, guidelines and best practices for assessing and reinforcing the security of our environments.

Measures you can take to help protect your business and co-workers, whilst maintaining customer trust and confidence:

Train your co-worker on the threats they can face on the Internet and the significant role they play in keeping your business safe. Your team must be aware of the computer rights and the responsibilities they have when using the computer, as well as their network access usage. Be clear on the kind of online procedures that are authorised when using work devices, computers, and sending information through emails.

Teach your staff on maintaining good passwords, to be aware of deceitful emails and that reporting suspicious online activity right away, will help ensure good cybersecurity practices.

  • Back up your essential data and information, from financial records and business plans to customer records and personal information. Use multiple back-up methods.
  • Secure your computer and devices, and make it a routine to back up your data to an external or portable device, like a USB stick.
  • Keep an eye when storing info or sending it online. Encryption transforms your data into a secret code before you send it over the Internet.
  • Manage administrative passwords. Avoid the risk of your computer becoming infected, create a standard user account with a strong password.
  • Choose strong passwords for improving your digital security. Consider a password manager that securely stores and creates passwords for you.
  • Spam messages. They are usually from a person or company that you don’t know. Don’t respond, subscribe or call the number provided in the message.

Protect your business: put security measures, policies and processes in place for your staff that establishes what is the authorised standard when accessing data, emails and the Internet. You may also take into consideration refresh-training in these policies to ensure your enterprise.

Protecting your customers: no matter the size of your customer information database, it is crucial that you keep it safe. While maintaining your company reputation, you as well avoid legal consequences for losing customers' data. For many customers who shop online, it is vital to know that their payment info and address are confident and that you will not share it without their approval.

Protect yourself - Keep yourself informed about the latest cybersecurity risks. Consider cyber insurance to protect yourself and your business; the cost of dealing with these menaces can go past your budget. Online transaction issues and payment fraud become real troubles for businesses trading online. Staying informed about the latest cheats and security risks is essential. Subscribe to smart Online alert services to receive up-to-date information on cybersecurity problems and solutions.

Summing up: Manufacturing is the world’s most data-prolific industries, is one of the most targeted sectors for attacks, and most likely to have security incidents as well. So, action needs to be taken soon.

Industry, Academia and Government collaboration hold the qualify mind-sets to solving these challenges. Industrial 4.0 Revolution is, for sure, an opportunity to teach and re-learn innovative- tech abilities, and create new jobs that demand exceptional skills patterns more suitable to cope with this transformation. The goal is to be open up enough to uncover and attract the extraordinary talent - the newly-diversify-highly-skilled generation, the ones to be the leaders capable of driving growth to your companies. Let’s be ready to build a workplace that is promising for all. Start Re-educating without delay your staff for the Revolution of Industry 4.0!


Dave Food

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