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Invest more in Marketing to move  forwards

Believe it or not, even today, one in fourth organisation owners do not spend much or any money on M...

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Posted by Salvador C. Hermoso on Oct 14, 2021 3:27:23 PM
Salvador C. Hermoso
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Believe it or not, even today, one in fourth organisation owners do not spend much or any money on Marketing.  It has always been a challenging field typified by complicated workflows and high expectations.  However, the Marketing resources are often the first to be shortened or cut when cash gets tight-fisted.

Today's marketers are coping with fast-tracked consumer’s expectations for perfect digital experiences and Procurement pressures, visible demands concerning social justice and sustainability, and difficulties related to influencing customers and developing Return on Investment (ROI) in a global world.

The reality is that many marketers are about to collapse. In March 2021, a survey done to almost five hundred marketers reflected the impact of Covid-19 and how they look at their priorities for going forwards. They consider the last 15 months the most challenging ones in their careers; several considered quitting, especially Millennial marketers working at companies severely impacted by the pandemic.  

Many others decided to change their approach to customer satisfaction; it emphasises how significant enhancing the customer's experience became. This research found that most consumers' surveys will navigate away from a site and choose an alternative to discover what they need.

What to do to overcome those statistics?

• Accept the difficulties.  Lessen the stress that marketers are going through is accepting the pandemic's effect on the Marketing industry and the workplace. 

Managing the uncertainty of all that we experienced last year and that still now is not easy; recent research found that many people remain apprehensive and exhausted. Emotions that could deepen as new working models materialise require further adaptation.

• Leverage technology.  Several organisations improved the digital experience they deliver to customers by investing in suitable technology to make long-lasting gains whilst mitigating the stress linked to getting customers, providing smooth experiences and proving Return on Investment (ROI.)

For instance, how can you leverage customer's data, Data Analytics, Marketing automation, Artificial Intelligence to improve the customer's experience and enable marketers to deliver better end-to-end customer's experiences in a more focused digital selling marketplace?

• Emphasise employee's experience.  Organisations should invest in not only the customer's experience but also the Marketing employee's experience. It is decisive to tackle any job satisfaction issues before they pour downhill. Try out with your staff to evaluate how they adjust to return-to-office policies, as they might not fit all situations. Instead, every company should decide what is best for its employees and its growth plans.

• Provide mentorship to support employees; it is an effective way to get to know them.  Mentors can function as tutors, counsellors or coaches — or a mixture of all three. According to recent research, Millennial employees are more likely to stay with their enterprise long-term if they have a mentor. 

Conclusions: Dealing with all that is changing our organisations and the Marketing industry, in general, will still be an ongoing job for marketers. More than 80 per cent of marketers said they have had to upskill their marketing due to recent experiences. Consider that all this disruption can also encourage Marketing innovation and refreshing projects. 

Is it time for your clients to commit more resources and effort to move forwards?


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