Is Technology a support for or a challenge to Productivity?

Could Technology be the cause of declining in Productivity?  Technology can be used effectively to m...

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Posted by Dave Food on Sep 30, 2019 10:01:03 PM
Dave Food

Could Technology be the cause of declining in Productivity?  Technology can be used effectively to make our jobs uncomplicated and more rapid and more efficient and secure to increase your Productivity, in the end, to achieve your business goals.

Necessary steps to enhance Productivity in your business:

1.Use suitable Technology

Increase Productivity by using Technology with the best tools. 

Analyse where you need to strengthen it in your business environment to find out which device is the one matching your purposes.

2. Setting well-defined goals whilst keeping them easy

Setting goals makes you powerful; when you manage common-devices attributes smoothly, it is a way to live engage and creative. Write down goals and set reminders to keep them at the top of your head; check them regularly to track your goals and guaranty future achievements.

3. Add in Automation Tools

Deploy the tools to automate all, from emails, updated-contact list to time-tables and payments. Adding as most apps as possible would drive a chance to digitise any manual procedure.

4.Handle passwords efficiently

The management of passwords is essential. In reality, password resets cost to your organisation time, energy and money, while also presenting potential security risks. Choose an efficient-easy-to-remember password to avoid being left inaccessible out and unproductive.  

5. Use Technology only where you need to close gaps.

Detect the areas where you often waste time. Select mobile apps and services directly solve those needs.  Do not take on whatever app or service offered; they could diminish your Productivity.

6.Use Chrome Extensions

Attach all your tools to your Chrome browser. It protects and recollects all of your passwords into every website you need to log into, making the process easier and faster, whilst saving a considerable amount of time to enhance Productivity greatly. 

7.Set up your time with a calendar app

Calendars are by far, the most underexploited Productivity tool, even though reminders match perfectly with useful planning.  You would have excellent support for your Productivity when entering your weekly plan to check it.

8.Enrich your existing tools

Escalate what you already have; take over any easy-to-use app to enhance existing programs (email filing, reminder systems, or a cleaner-inbox) by filing crucial messages and bringing in them whenever you need those.

9.Benefit from free applications                 

Profits from free apps can bring about more practical life. For instance, scheduling bus, planes, sports, mobile home-electronics such as alarms, mobile grocery ordering and pickups, mobile home-electronics monitoring like Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, the Technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort.

10.Less Technology does no harm

Automation of processes drives high Productivity earnings, but quite often, we have endless episodes when we reach Productivity by reasoning and producing intensively through the mastering and tailoring our tools for the business.

SUMMING UP: turn around this negative perception of Technology by enhancing discipline and effort across your staff. Explain your company procedures clearly to engage them in pursuing the same goals.

Dave Food

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