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Is your Supply Chain Strategy achieving your business goals?

A company without a well-planned strategy is not viable. The value of the business strategy is now e...

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Posted by Dave Food on May 11, 2020 5:11:43 PM
Dave Food

A company without a well-planned strategy is not viable. The value of the business strategy is now evident, as there is a significant proliferation of business strategies operated by multiple businesses.

The concept of “business strategy” is a long-term plan of action to reach specific-advantageous outcomes for your business, including existing means, to build the future of your enterprise, no matter the size or nature of it.

Most business leaders and managers should be engaged and have-a-say towards the growing and implementation of a Supply Chain Strategy. The Supply Chain (SC) is currently an essential driver of competitive advantage, the reason why it should closely align with business strategy.

Business strategy is embedded in business plans. While the business plan settles on the goals and objectives, the strategy approach provides you with a line of attack to meet those goals.

How do we drive the best SC Strategy?

People – System – Core processes – Executions

the four pillars of a SC Strategy

To be competitive and achieve the right level of performance, you must have an effective and efficient SC Strategy.

-         People

The workforce is the most-essential asset, skilled-enough as to operate edge-technology to enhance better processes and results; proficient- enough as to take your company to the best of futures through the building of organisational-structures, well-defined roles, and responsibilities. Managers need to enforce a constant-development-training plan, boosting collaboration at all levels.

Help your team to identify the opportunities for development, for you, as well as for your organisation. Use whatever assessment tool at-hand that could help you to focus on technical-competence-area gaps to close and to strengthen your SC personnel.

-         Systems

It would be useful to standardise systems through the use of core processes; and then, training co-workers to effectively and efficiently use them. Excellent systems to collect and store the best data possible to support us to achieve desired outcomes and to make the right decisions.

-         Core processes

Make available the best data for your enterprise, based on wide-ranging analysis and collective-agreement planning, and to let you plan and provide valuable outcomes results. SC Strategy is mainly a matter of synchronisation among people who cooperate and agree about their level of competence. A good practice to understand gaps in Core Processes is to use a self-assessment tool to improve your SC Strategy performance.

-         Execution

 Usually, enterprises and divisions consume more time and strength in debating possibilities of developments and not so much in executing those strategies. 

To get the most out of these SCS tools and deliver products and services on time and at lowest possible cost, and besides increasing profit and customer satisfaction, you need to focus on evaluating your current SC to spotlight the top areas needing robust strategies.

Final comments: If your organisation manages Supply Chain Strategic, then it would be capable of functioning at the best-possible capability to make available and deliver several goods and services.

Support your directors to devote more time in Execution towards Productivity, the measure of the efficiency. Furthermore, engagement on better planning and efforts results in a valuable Supply Chain Strategy performance.

Dave Food

Prophetic Technology

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