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It is an opportunity for all sort of industries to benefit from workers’ variety of expertise and ne...

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Posted by Dave Food on Jul 13, 2020 7:50:23 PM
Dave Food

It is an opportunity for all sort of industries to benefit from workers’ variety of expertise and new forms of working, whilst also delivering significant and attractive choices to fulfil their requirements. But, to take better advantages of current scenarios, there is a need to make substantial mindset changes to match people’s motivations and skills according to the company new working targets.

Talent management has been a long-time issue for organisations on how to attract, mature and keep hold of the best talent possible.  

The new model should be:

-         To redesign skills according to current requirements to attract, retain and enhance talent based on the search from internal and external market-places.

-         Make it accessible to such talented workers the wide-ranging and purposeful assortment of upgrading skills, which bring in work expertise to enhance their job flow, professions and personal life.

-         Integrate high-talented workers to support your business; those who can interact quickly with teams and partners, and who can build up constructive interconnections to consolidate multiple activities in and out of your company.

-         Boost people who recognise the benefit of a new form of working and who can build up collaborative teams, whilst adding a fresh vision to better efficient processes.

Redesigning where the work gets done

An organisation looking for talent management must adopt a long-term plan capable of dealing with protocols like the essential-physical proximity at work; a model enhancing digital skills, communication, teamwork platforms, along with social and market-place changes that generate better opportunities for a diverse form of working.

Corporations should better synchronise a variety of possibilities as they redesign traditional workplaces, to those working remotely and who rest totally on cybernetic-communications.

Reallocating physical workplaces is an opportunity to build-up efficiency and diminishing estate costs. As long with these changes, workplace culture has to be significantly linked to both business results and innovation, to turn into a better-distributed team, whilst fostering both culture and team communication.

Do not underestimate the value of these connections. Studies have shown how important it is the sense of belonging to the corporation, a sense of community that holds up individualities and psychological health. Employers have to create open-thoughtful links with those virtual colleagues working remotely or any other possible working modal, as part-time, substitutions or freelance workers.

A more valuable-meaningful perspective of future work

When making all these modifications, we have to consider that the changes we make in one area now have significant outcomes for both employers and workers. We are experiencing important moments to redefining the concept of work, what it means to be an employer and to add value and talent in multiple-innovative manners. 

If we have a clear vision of purpose as a company, we have driven much efficiency and cost cuts to invest in edge-technology, while harnessing a new mindset among business, workers and customers. Not making the necessary changes on time can lead your company towards risky experiences.

Taking the benefits at hand will bring your company to the right port, so, consider these actions:

·       Envisage the chances future could drive into leveraging industry data analytics to outline your purposes and strategies for developing your work and workforce accordingly to innovative-current practices, headed for efficient-meaningful values.

·       Assess and restructure work, workforce and workplace choices to make the most of automation, alternative talent resources and cooperative workplaces.

·       Align your company with leadership and workforce development programs to curate next-generation skills, and commit your future business board and workforce to a long-term lasting view and communication, through the new working model.

Summing up: we have now the great opportunity of giving rise to a better future in which work is meaningful, and everyone involved in our businesses reshapes our environments. The new realities generated by this crisis put us in a position to make smart changes to re-evaluate what is the core of our industries and how we should respond to the challenges. 

Is your company taking this opportunity to create a new future? 

Dave Food

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