Keep an eye on Gen-Z consumers in 2020

2020 is about to arrive, bringing with it Generation Z or Gen-Z; this demographic group comes after ...

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Posted by Dave Food on Feb 11, 2020 3:45:31 PM
Dave Food

2020 is about to arrive, bringing with it Generation Z or Gen-Z; this demographic group comes after the Millennials; they were born between 1995 and 2015, as a distinctive-powerful consumer's target for any business. It is essential the understanding of their buying habits and characteristics and to recognise them as an age-group dominating technology.

Gen-Z is the first group who are devoted-users of smartphones, most of them not even remembering that there was a time of non-existing Social Media, weighing for 40% of all consumers in the USA for example, by 2020.

For any business intending to grow well in the coming years and beyond, it is vital to identify the new requirements and behaviours of this new-smart-technological group of consumers. But, how to recognised and appreciate the value of it? The only way is connecting with them and being aware of their singularities.

Getting to know facts about Gen-Z

  • Generation Z comprises 32% of the world population, making it the largest group.
  • Gen-Z is known as the 'social generation.’
  • They have a devotion for mobiles (take a mobile-first approach as a marketer.)
  • They are more interested in receiving personalised content.
  • Their primary goal is to get to content faster.
  • Their buying habits are different.
  • They are quite articulated with technology.
  • They are comfortable with Social Media.
  • Most of them have used the Internet at a young age.
  • They are being raised mainly by Gen X parents.
  • They are realistic concerning job opportunities available in the market.
  • They are less likely to take risks, seeking stability and security in their jobs and finances.
  • They are incredibly persuasive within their families.
  • They influence much their family food purchase or other items.
  • They focus on saving money, while Millennials are more focused on the experience.

Ways to market to Generation Z in 2020

·       Treat them as individuals.

·        Focus on marketing through values.

·       Get their attention.

·       Always be where they are.

·       Always tell them the truth.

·       Work with influencers.

·       Provide personalised services always.

·       Focus efforts on privacy-safe identity answers.

·       Publish a lot of temporary content.

·       Offer them content to share.

Content has grown from a Social Media trend to a legitimate Gen-Z era marketing strategy. The speed at which you allocate your content must intensify since the lifecycle of your posts decreases.

Consumption behaviours have changed

This demographic group is around 16 to18 years old counting on an infinite amount of choices on hand in the digital world.  They keep attention to info for eight-seconds and then, sorts out irrelevant data rapidly.

For this age group, speed is reached by getting through trending pages within apps that offer the most accepted-fresh content from around the world; they value the quick-thinking solution to discover relevant news and info centred on a user's area of expertise, plus business connections.

Another way Gen Z sources information without wasting time is by turning to influencers to locate the material and amusement most related to them and their desires, minimising options down to a more convenient size.

Summing up: Generation Z represents a valuable source of consumers. Is your business ready to catch and retain its attention?

Dave Food

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