Long-Term Goals of Great Leaders

The most respected leaders of the world follow some principles which took them to the successful pla...

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Posted by Dave Food on Jan 9, 2019 1:11:44 PM
Dave Food

The most respected leaders of the world follow some principles which took them to the successful placement of leadership they have now, hereafter describe them for you in case you are a prospect to engage on a management role.

Set up a leadership philosophy. Leadership and management are about being the model for everyone in your team, someone devoted to bringing others along. So, the first suggestion is to think deeply about your leadership values, while focusing on the ability to help others to make it to that same place as you did.

Set universal values and guidelines. The essential elements to define your leadership are truth, compassion, and fullness. Truth, especially self-awareness, leads to developing empathy, that when talking about management is all about restraining any judgment with a disposition to be receptive, empathic, and generous; values that do not diminish the leader, but on the contrary, keeps growing in the eyes of teams and competitors. Finally, fullness realises that success is more than just winning, as it implies satisfaction of knowing all members performed to the best of their skills, and at the same time, working toward self- targets, and why not, trying to become a leader too.

Focus on a daily-basis leadership. The long-term goal of a great leader is to build a remarkable team around him/her to give rise to the future generations of leaders who can even go beyond your accomplishments. Best leaders become the best mentors when sharing out their resources to create the best long-term values.

Communication skills matter more than ever, so, take advantage during meetings to be clear enough about your priorities and stand up for them; previously, define the purpose of the conference: whether it is to inform, get input, or get approval for your targets. Most importantly, be coherent about your mission and priorities, but do not overwhelm your team with many priorities. Instead, develop those major priorities with them, wait until you accomplish them, and get ready to tackle what comes next.

Management and Leadership point toward a great responsibility and sometimes it could make you feel vulnerable and hesitate about your purposes. However, your primary goal is to provoke passion and certainty in others, as you are the decision-maker and the risk taker to follow up. As long as you recognise that potential vulnerability in your job, you will be able to transform it into positive actions, and in the end, you will be controlling your phantoms. Whether you are new as a leader or a skilled-manager, recognising that vulnerability is a critical element to overcome at all kinds of jobs, and that will give you the strength to go on.

Some final thoughts: Humility is another feature of a good leader. It is human to make errors and recognising those mistakes is a big step towards a decision-making balance, whilst giving certainty to your enterprise, in addition to your co-workers.

Business is part of our life, and for sure, it will come the time when you feel lonely and uncertain as a leader. However, be prepared to overcome such periods of doubt, push yourself up hard enough as to accomplish yours and your team goals bringing lots of benefits to your company.


Dave Food


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