Now is the right time to change already-established business standards

From funding to hiring to time managing, or email protocol, entrepreneurs are entirely changing busi...

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Posted by Dave Food on Jan 29, 2021 11:35:59 AM
Dave Food

From funding to hiring to time managing, or email protocol, entrepreneurs are entirely changing business rules. Hereafter some innovative practices:

Your business is what you areAs a business owner, your leadership reveals who you are, that you know your business, the kind of expertise to manage your targeted market; you need now more transparency and efficient-course of action. 

Be the human face of your company - Social Media changed everything! People expect transparency as a publicity factor; your company connects to everything you say and do on the Internet. Share your personal story; when people feel attached to you, they feel attached to your company. Use this to your advantage!

Employ someone out-of-the-box - When hiring, you better go for someone sharing your company’s culture. If you consider your company disruptive, it would be a waste of time to hire someone who stays by the rules. Hire someone who think and act differently, the one who quickly grasps opportunities when challenges take place. 

Be clear when hiring - When recruiting someone, it is vital to put all your business matters on the table and how you lead the company. Make clear to that potential worker there is a 45-day trial. At the end of this period, the whole personnel would afford inputs on that candidate’s skills and capabilities to join the staff, considering the individual could be a good fit for its culture. The employer must discuss in advance the salary and benefit before signing up.

Price goods reasonably - Build a business mainly to resonate within consumers. By selling Direct to Customer (D2C) online only, we avoid the costly practice of maintaining or marketing to brick-and-mortar retail stores. Stand for something your customers care about by focusing on developing a quality product and selling it at a fair price. We believe this resonates better among consumers; it will eventually compel word-of-mouth marketing and excellent brand perception.

Welcome a hybrid approach - Test your business viability to adopting a hybrid model. Half directs to the online store consumer; the other half to the old-style retail/wholesale way. Also, keep your prices reasonably priced and goods eco-friendly whilst offering home-manufactured goods. Hybrid-business pattern links the long-established to direct-to-consumer (D2C) online-exclusive pricing; we can sell selected items at a lower price point whilst increasing the brand’s across retail accounts. 

It is useless to cut costs - It might deteriorate quality and service delivered, factors reflecting improving revenue and good-sale results; cutting Marketing investment, resources, or the staff result in the long run, losing more than gaining. Start seeking better Supply Chain agreements to diminish the cost of merchandise; offer your team a bonus on performance, monitor profits monthly, and manage them wisely.

Look over details often overlooked - e-Commerce sales must go beyond the customer’s website experience; for instance, the shipping process represents an enormous chance to better your customer’s whole brand experience. 

Shipping at the lowest-cost possible results in possible spoiled-dirty packaging when arriving at its final destination. Invest in charming-trademark packages and put your best care into it to surprise and deliver your client an engaging experience; your beautiful packaging will become synonymous of your brand.

Disengage from your business - Take time away from your company and the many roles you need to play to stop working long hour or double shifts which take valuable time from home and forgetting the world out there. Disconnect from work, shut off your phone, limit working hours to enjoy your life. Next morning you will come office feeling you changed for the better you.

Enforced an unbreakable work-hours stop - Many businesses are currently working dispersed, with most workers working remotely, even in other time-zones. Set precise working hours; schedule work at any time right for you; however, do not take calls or answer email when out of the company’s already established-working hours. No emails or calls on weekends, if previously-agreed. Make exceptions when really-urgent-business issues pop up. Advise your staff on avoiding long-working hrs. And the convenience of making healthy breaks now and then to improve wellness conditions.

Set a late working schedule to start - It could benefit morning activities, as blocked-evenings are likely to take much of your time (business meetings, exercising, or household errands.) Indeed, by securing the staff’s time and yours, next morning you will feel good and ready for whatever comes.

Implement ‘Bring-your-own-device’ (BYOD) strategy – It cuts down infrastructure costs. It can lower overhead expenses through teleworking, cloud-based networking, allocating teams to work wherever they are most efficient and comfortable, gathering only in case meetings were necessary. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Content Management System (CMS) are also tools to cut down further expenses and services.

Zero ineffective meetings - Establish weekly staff meetings that last 30 minutes or less. Avoid lengthy-repetitive discussions; they do not accomplish primary purposes, resulting in a waste of time for all involved. There are some times in which it is no necessary to engage everyone in those meetings.

Use Carbon Copy (CC) meetings - Use CC for most everything; ask our employees to do the same. Even though it generates tons of emails, you do not need to read them all; use them for further reference. Monitor the work others perform and take advantage of it to get bigger-picture projects through better brainstorms from partners. The utmost purpose is to end lengthen-stream meetings.

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