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Pay attention to these careers to design your future!

Want to see whether these career tendencies are right for you? This evaluation identifies the job-ro...

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Posted by Dave Food on May 25, 2020 4:18:10 PM
Dave Food

Want to see whether these career tendencies are right for you?

 This evaluation identifies the job-roles with the most significant growth during the past five years; trends based on technology and lifestyle to be informed.

The latest trends in careers and jobs

  1. Soft skills are the hottest demand. Companies are looking for employees who have precisely those human skills that are impossible to automate, like communication, creativity and collaboration.
  2. IT careers are in high demand with a multitude of job-openings extending from on-site or remote work to support customers or clients.
  3. IT Customer Service and Support professionals are in escalating demand in all industries and represent flexible well-payed jobs that in general, have an increasingly IT component in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) edge tools.

Skills needed: Customer relationship management, Account management, SaaS, Salesforce, customer retentions (most of the times, they do not demand a traditional college degree.)

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills are going up in fields like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language processing, and some other tools.
  2. Cybersecurity and Data. Many roles might insist on more expertise in AI than we assumed. Skills required: Network security, information security, cybersecurity, vulnerability assessment, information assurance.
  3. Robotics Engineer – Employed by top industries which require of: industrial automation, Information Technology and Services, Computer Software, Automotive skills, financial services.
  4. Data Scientist/Data Engineer – Machine Learning, Data Science, and related tools needed for a Full Stack Engineer.
  5. Site Reliability Engineer - This career enables you to securely produce, transform, and get better infrastructure through open-source tools that codify Application Programming Interface (APIs.)
  6. Sales Development Representative and the need for full command on Lead Generation, Sales, Salesforce, Software as a Service ()
  7. Behaviour Health Technician (BHTs) are trained to be an essential part of the mental health clinical team, who support licensed-mental health providers. Skills matching the job: Applied Behaviour Analysis, Behaviour and Mental Health, Autism range disorders.


Two examples of careers not necessarily requiring a college degree:


  • User Experience Designer (UX) focuses on the interaction among human users and conventional products and services, like apps, brands or websites. It is a particularly-wide-ranging field, bringing together tech, business, market research, design, and some aspects of phycology. It provides a visual interface, accordingly to the client’s needs.
  • The “New Collar” job - a role in technological tools encompassing digitalisation, cognitive business, cloud computing and cybersecurity. It brings about the right blend of in-demand skill sets. (CEO Ginni Rometty – IBM.) 

Job requirements depending on the country

Many of the roles in the Americas are alike. However, some countries still indicate markedly-manual jobs, like the requirement for drivers in Brazil. There is a need for Data Engineer, Cloud Engineering, Back end Developer, Chief Revenue Officer, Agile Coach, Social Media Manager, SalesForce Developer, Experience Designer. 

 The Data Protection Officer grows higher than AI Specialist in some countries, because of new laws protecting data privacy. The top ten roles in the Asia Pacific work differently; Thailand is the only country that places UX Designer at the top ten.

 The working dynamics are changing due to several factors: as almost half of the Millennials do, workers often change residence (housing costs might be the cause,) look for flexible working hours, and prefer remote over office work; company regulations and politics are also vital factorsSome countries, states or cities are becoming strong-job markets as they represent better-quality life.


Final comments: keep an eye on careers about soft-skills which focus on straightforward communication, listening and customer engagement; a proper empathetic behaviour such as tolerance, curiosity and disposition to help, plus problem-solving and supporting decision-making.

Which career is an excellent match for you?

Dave Food

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