Procurement is Becoming a Whole New Discipline

Are you investing in your Procurement career new profile?

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Posted by Dave Food on Jul 2, 2019 5:28:19 PM
Dave Food

Are you investing in your Procurement career new profile?

Today, Procurement is turning out to be a full new discipline, because Digitalisation is modifying the status the Procurement executive has, both into the enterprise, as in the market place. However, it seems we are running out of the skilled-individual who can get the Procurement job done, but why?

By all means, the Digital transformation is disrupting the profile of the contemporary Procurement career and shifting what companies must do to take full advantage of the technology at hand.

According to recent studies, a significant percentage of businesses say Digital transformation has impacted, from top to bottom, how they scope objectives and the way of enhancing performance. This quantic shift could work in favour of Procurement experts, only if they start embracing this transformation the sooner, the better.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (MC), Robotic processes to enhance Automation, and Advanced Analytics, are all essential tools to turn over the traditional role of Procurement. However, even today, enterprises are missing the long-term vision and plans to capitalise on these changes.

To connect, collaborate and innovate must be now the premises a Procurement exec needs to accomplish. Leading-Procurement teams achieve their outstanding performance because they have top-talented people fastening together Digital tech and knowhow. This is why the Procurement expert has a unique opportunity to guide the businesses into the future through Digital technology.

Top tips for Procurement professionals

1. Work on a new agenda, proposing projects to accomplish central social goals, such as getting rid of slavery labour, forming an all-encompassing workforce, and gaining greater sustainability.

2. Be an indispensable partner - Procurement leaders need to be capable enough as to use tech to grasp the insights and knowledge of Digital tools; so, better focus on your ability to link with clients through a counselling approach or by a Listening soft-skill, vital to learn and comprehend your company goals and to show empathy to your customer; a Project Management approach, an innovative thinking and a bright mindset are also vital capabilities to work. Become an essential partner to your business.

3. Do something with your data! – Do better at gathering and creating big data to support deep insights and go beyond the data your access now. Improve your Advanced Analytics capabilities to examine data and depict the chances it puts forward. Set forth your insights and intelligence to take your organisation a step ahead! 

4. Innovation is social, as it’s a fact that best ideas come in an informal chat or chance encounter around relax environment with the right people, and at the right time, no matter their position. To innovate and fortify social networks, many enterprises are designing new ways of working. Start doing the same!

5. Risk yourself - People are reluctant to take risks: it's better for them to stay in their comfort zone to feel safe, an evident fear of not succeeding in the end. Not going a long way will bring negative results. Try your best!

6. Be alert for adverse outcomes – it’s urgent for Procurement professionals to understand that the impact of Digital transformation will increase risks: the cost of imported goods, a possible short supply of talented teams or the lack of movement losing freedom of operation. Be prepared to turn it out into an opportunity to take Procurement at the centre of your organisation.

Focus on vital-advancement priorities for this year, by including Analytical capabilities, supporting skills and talent, business demands, leveraging supplier connections, boosting agility, and reaching true customer-centricity.

Final comments: at present, most of the Procurement experts support a transformation strategy to cope with matters around cost-effective uncertainty, the increasing competition and global industry issues. 

They're implementing digital tools and Procurement-specific technologies over the next two years, investing a great deal in Cloud-based business apps, all along with several Data Management technologies, data visualisation and Advanced Analytics.

Procurement must focus on enhancing its capabilities towards an efficient Analytics, customer-centricity approach, higher agility and much more, while also investing in the right talent to help lead those changes.

 Count on a basic plan ready to improve skills and expertise according to business needs. The ones adopting a new Procurement profile will stand out, making a significant difference concerning priorities, vision, technology, ability and skills. technology, ability and skills.

Dave Food

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