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Procurement professionals are gaining positions through the crisis

How can we start back into work while coping with feelings of anxiety?

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Posted by Dave Food on Sep 13, 2021 6:25:21 PM
Dave Food

How can we start back into work while coping with feelings of anxiety?

According to a recent survey, nearly 70% of young professionals responded that their interest in Procurement and Supply Chain (SC) had increased in the last eighteen months. Only 2.5% of participants said their interest decreased during these chaotic pandemic characteristics.  Only a few professionals declared feeling frozen by the immense challenge, demonstrating that SC strategies were already in place and robust.

Procurement professionals within the Asia Pacific region responded rapidly and functionally in the face of strict lockdowns and the critical impact on imports.  The best teams diminished risk, had better financial controls, fostered resilience, and were influential to how their companies sail across the most considerable SC disruption ever.

Professionals dedicated long hours and involvement to complex tasks.  Eighteen months from the beginning of the crisis, it is comprehensive that several leaders are now burnt out, meaning anxiety and fatigue experiences.  Many businesses now understand the importance of counting on learning management tools to cope with pressure, avoid burnout, be in charge of the emergency, and guide teams effectively whilst reaching their maximum capability. 

Consider this valuable advice to go on working: 

Social anxiety distresses - A 2021 study of American adults bring to light that social anxiety drastically augmented in the course of the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

Many experts, as they return to the office full-time, are experiencing these new-known warning signs.  Commuting from working from home or any other place to familiarising yourself with your new, busy workplace, having in-person meetings with co-workers and interacting socially during breaks will take some time to get used to. 

Ongoing work from home full-time

Some workplaces start giving employees the chance to either retake their office work or keep working from home. This type of hybrid work caused that remotely working anxiety about socialising with co-workers remotely, missing out on promotions, vital details of upcoming projects and feel isolated or out of sight on the mind of their employers.

So, what to do to preserve mental health? 

Having a quality night's sleep is crucial when working from home to set healthy habits and enhance work performance; set a consistent schedule and sleep for at least 7 – 8 hours per night.

·       Create a working space for your home office; your brain enters into work mode; having a work desk, away from leisure areas, bedroom at home will help. 

·       It is also vital to take breaks throughout the day.

·       Do not take lunch or any meal at your desk

·       Open areas are the best to make phone calls to relatives or friends or take a walk around the block. 

·       Be open with your co-workers and management about how you are experiencing. 

·       Put a plan in place.  Adopt a hybrid scenario to begin; for instance, deciding to work in the office twice a week and work at a distance for the rest of the days. 

·       Consider a weekly Zoom session with your team, not always work-related but socialise with them to share experiences about facing isolation or family time and work. 

·       Little by little, add to your working days in the workplace as you get more at ease.

·       Set realistic goals and deadlines, establish limits, prioritise tasks, and focus on meeting deadlines accordingly.

·       Take advantage of your commuting time working from time to time, but be careful not to overdo it.

·       Listen to a guided meditation or tune in to your favourite music. 

·       Some breathing exercises in the morning can prepare you the peace of mind required to take a confused workday forward.

Adapting to a hybrid set-up

Whether you decided on a hybrid set-up in office and remote work, adjust your workflow and plan tasks accordingly.  Plan your meetings for the days whilst you are in the office to discuss essential agendas face to face. 

Catching up on tasks or emails can be planned for your days at home when you don’t need to speak to your colleagues or clients as frequently.  Lessen anxiety by saving everything on your workplace servers. Prevent keeping files on your desktop; you might risk not accessing essential data on the days you are in the office. 

CONCLUSIONS: Almost 40% of respondents declared they now have a position at the executive table participating in important decisions, elevating the role of Procurement and SC. 

Your powerful work and devotion to your company and team can only endure if you care for yourself. Remember that post-pandemic fatigue and anxiety is normal, and help is available. 

Do you have the skills, tools and standpoint to take your career to the last mile?



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