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Some crucial game-changers to hold up our Supply Chains

Gradually, we are overcoming lockdown restrictions. Now industry from all areas and sizes face the m...

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Posted by Dave Food on Apr 6, 2021 4:08:45 PM
Dave Food

Gradually, we are overcoming lockdown restrictions. Now industry from all areas and sizes face the monumental challenge of adapting to a significant shift in businesses and societies in general and are experiencing relating human emotions, buying patterns, lifestyles, and culture in general.

These are some valuable insights around game-changers that could reinforce our Supply Chains (SCs) to surmount the crisis in the mid and long-term.

An Agile Organisation post-COVID-19 will make a significant difference to overcome obstacles and focus more on SC by increasing investments to upgrade capabilities. Some re-designed approaches:

  • The digitalisation and use of data to re-design our SCs.
  • The investment in IT agile systems like Cloud.
  • Management control by emphasising weak areas not previously noticed.
  • Enhance remote organisational capabilities to get hold of new-more-effective ways of working.
  • Focus on sustainability and climate change—significant drivers for risk mitigation and costs.
  • Market consolidation through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of troubled but viable companies.
  • Solidarity to close the gap between rich and poor economies.
  • The reduction of political-relationship tensions, which could benefit trade collaboration.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us into the most significant working-from-home test, with near to half of the world's population living under lockdown throughout seventy countries and territories for almost a year. Physical distancing became the norm, adjusting a digital-first ecosystem, including remote work, video conferencing, digital education, payments, telemedicine, online fitness, and much more.

And with these came an escalating need to provide internet services and data consumption in urban areas and rural areas. Agility is crucial to respond to success more even than speed. Those who are clever enough to adapt will earn employee trust, overcome the crisis and arise with a competitive gain. 

Agility is essentially a project management approach centred on collaborating problem-solving method. Its focal point is on delivering value quickly to adapt to recurrent shift built on constant feedback. As a response to the COVID crisis, Agile principles are currently moving on in companies to different degrees.

Agile capabilities helping businesses to prepare for post-COVID

  • Promote an Agile Culture The crisis emergency promoted businesses into responding fast with the need to balance their long-term company's plans focusing on fast varying environmental menaces and opportunities, whilst going over their company's segments to keep on being significant.

It will be necessary to pass this flexible-quick-thinking mindset through the entire organisation to be successful. Leaders must be an influential driving force of Agile shift to make sure a successful culture change.

Leaders need to show the way - Act out fast, showing agility to your staffs to lift their confidence, directing them to become the drivers of an Agile environment culture. They also need to afford teams with the proper understanding, education, and tools to manage a focal point of Agile methodology.  

  • Welcome the technology potential - To quickly find the way to bring about evolving business opportunities, workforce and consumer's behaviour, companies must fast-track the improvement of their digital possibilities. With working-from-home, "working-from-anywhere", and physical distancing restrictions have favoured the adoption of technology and are focusing automation efforts on strengthening productivity, quality of work, and wellbeing to act fast and efficiently, to respond to change successfully. 
  • Reinforce a sense of community - Setting up a solid community feeling and trust is fundamental to an Agile organisation, making sure workforces feel treasured and secure. They are all affected by their work and lives. 

It is vital to respond to disrupting circumstances with agility and transparency while remaining true to its values. Leaders must focus on being authentically supportive. This communicable approach provides leaders with the opportunity to listen to what workers have to say, establish a much more human leadership, and make them more accessible to employees. 

 Further comments: these qualifications are only indispensable approaches needed to build up an Agile organisation of what will be required to shape an agile organisation ready to rush forward after the new world's crisis. 

 Are you responding to these disrupting circumstances with the agility your company required?

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