Spreadsheet Updates, Fighting to Stay Alive?

No way your company can turn its back on spreadsheets, even if predictions for 2018 forecasted they ...

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Posted by Dave Food on Feb 14, 2019 3:02:25 PM
Dave Food

No way your company can turn its back on spreadsheets, even if predictions for 2018 forecasted they were about to disappear. Indeed, if you are working in Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, or Sales, without doubt, you must have come a long way across spreadsheets recording the most relevant data concerning your company and its management. Although they were excellent products, these spreadsheets are rapidly becoming outdated. Business chiefs need to rely on an efficient tool to take action, with the most accurate-in-progress info without waiting for data updated in the last minute.

Microsoft Excel leads the way of the powerful spreadsheets when talking about concentrating a colossal amount of data. Millions of users worldwide rely on the robust functionality and insightful design of Excel to help them analyse and understand data. This enterprise regularly makes a great effort to expand its attribute by updating the products it offers. The recent features of Excel have been constrained to a few spreadsheet functions, such as new data types (stocks and geography that aid you to improve spreadsheets automatically,) and includes a new Funnel chart.

Microsoft spreadsheet updates

In the coming months, Microsoft is going to launch the last calculation device that will enable functionality best than ever. It will allow you to build smart spreadsheets faster, with fewer formulas and hardly any chance of error. The company will prove its features and made it even more helpful for the corporate analyst.

Why keep modifying spreadsheets? Users of spreadsheets find that the constant updating added to the software requires them to carry on numerous changes to adapt existing spreadsheets to new standards of communications, workflows, or modern tech.

Without any doubt, the industry has been growing, and data are escalating to the top. Internet and sensors play an essential factor in these changes, as both tools can track down customers' activities entirely. The fact is that nowadays, everyone demands data to do their work efficiently, and not just Finance executives.

There are two visions, decidedly opposed one to the other, toward Spreadsheet: negative and positive positions, according to several experts.

“Stop Using Excel¨", Finance Chiefs tell staffs. CFOs say the ubiquitous spreadsheet software that revolutionised accounting in the 1980s hasn’t kept up with the demands of contemporary corporate finance units.” wsj.com

In a hot article in the Forbes, Bernard Marr, one of the most outstanding-famous writers and speaker, claimed that spreadsheets are bad for business because they don’t let employees “visualise” the data.

First, the negative vision:

  • Spreadsheets are not a suitable tool for the job as they scare employees.
  • They put out of sight evident data.
  • They are challenging to analyse.
  • The spreadsheet neglects to store historical data.
  • They are hard to share despite all the Cloud computing solutions out there.

Positive facts about spreadsheets:

  • They help us expand our awareness on fundamental issues, to improve decision-making and enhance our ability to predict the next crisis.
  • They help the organisation visualise info and to understand it better.
  • They reinforce data-informed decision-making.
  • They enhance insights to tackle social or natural disaster developing issues better.
  • They smooth out the progress of innovations.

The facts are that enterprises won't entirely leave behind spreadsheets in the future, they will experiment with latest-edge platforms to help teams grasp data that is important to them. It can help them comprehend what customers use, what they demand most, what they fight with, and how to better serve to their pain points.

The last comment: Data visualisation and transparency, especially from Excel spreadsheets, offer significant support to business customers, but, they can do better by making these worksheets much more valuable and efficient for the user.These better procedures will let spreadsheets to hang around longer and overcome the vast digital world revolution.


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