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Dave Food

How can companies reshape their business?

As the global Supply Chain (SC) keeps on the rise and always transforming, businesses are taking steps toward advantage high-technologies which help restructure operations for a more efficient-cost-reduction process.  

Recent surveys revealed the importance of reshaping your company through the deployment of Intelligent Automation in your warehouse and distribution channels. The results are amazing, and the benefits are many:

  •  Automation increases customer satisfaction.
  •  Intelligent Automation skills could help escalate annual revenue growth.
  • Know-how can be improved to help reduce human errors.
  • It enhances a culture of digital operation and customer experience improvements.
  •  It brings the demand for sufficient transparency and ethical procedures forward.
  • Automating logistics management processes can make companies more competitive.
  •   It drives down operating-labour cost, targets informed decisions related to warehouse and inventory storage, strengthening maintenance, durability and programming.
  •  It provides data accuracy to cut down errors linked to a hand-data report, while providing real-time visibility to your warehouse management systems, eliminating paperwork and the time-consuming guesswork as well.
  • It regulates operations for employees and vendors, setting up routines to evaluate maintenance, and tracking the flow of supplies.
  • Automation can establish from where merchandise was ordered, who traded it and then track the article all the route to the customer.
  • It boosts your operative efficiency in completing and sending orders faster, error-free, making happy-loyal-returning customers.
  •   It reduces Carbon Footprint positively impacting the environment as it eliminates the use of pen and paper records when using a barcode scanning and RFID technology.

Are you wondering how to get started?

Companies can start on by defining how they possible leverage Intelligent Automation both in manufacturing and throughout the product lifecycle.

Start taking small and practical step headed for workflow automation that allows your organisation to make a more simple manual process like contract signatures, and then work up to more complex tasks, such as supplier performance management. For example, IBM and Maersk have automated inefficient processes to the point of using Blockchain technology to reduce documentation errors, cut time invested, improved visibility.

Enterprises should also consider how they can bring together customer deals, product management, maintenance, and service data to raise customer experience, and in doing so, gaining loyalty and ensuring long-term revenue in the future.

Another way to start is through Cloud mobile apps which include robust-inventory apps that help automate your Supply Chain process.   With automation, companies can support logistics processes and make possible new levels of productivity. Furthermore, cloud-based AI system uninterruptedly examines sensor data to spot variances and enhance system performance, offering suggestions for expanding life cycles.

Organisations can make use of Intelligent Automation to help customers get more significant benefit from their purchases, as sensors can monitor how they use them, while AI can advise on how to further their management.

Also, by the use of predictive maintenance apps which make it possible, via the revolutionary Intelligent Automation, to warning service technicians when the equipment is at risk of breaking down.

Companies can have bright maintenance by fixing products remotely, much likely as smartphone apps update regularly. Many automobile brands set faulty software or upgraded features.

Last comments: surveys said that most organisations are planning to use Intelligent Automation for Supply Chain planning by 2021. However, don't wait too long to make the necessary changes to your business models; deploy Intelligent Automation tools now, and gain happier customers, organisational payoff quickly, and fast growth. 


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