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Sure, now we need a relationship with technology!

No doubt Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Machine Learning (ML) technology in it, brings signifi...

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Posted by Dave Food on Apr 27, 2020 4:28:18 PM
Dave Food

No doubt Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Machine Learning (ML) technology in it, brings significant benefits to our companies. Each day, a high number of enterprises are taking the opportunity AI represents when working with extensive data that otherwise could be missed by a human error.

When human accept the impact technologies bring, then we could establish a human/machine relation to trust towards admitting they influence our lives, and the way we do business, aimed to our benefit.

We learn from mistakes, and machines operate just like that; AI integration into our companies can depict the deep-necessary results that will afford more useful insights.

The customers of the future will also have different human qualities; therefore, we have to be prepared for this change and relearn how to connect with them

Consequently, we must start looking into valuing more human qualities needed to sustain a long-term relationship; qualities like empathy, trust, acceptance, volunteer work and cooperative problem-solving, which will be vital to understanding machines.

AI represents several benefits, such as:

  •  Analyse the digital panorama-insights and make real-time updates.
  • Identify Metrics with better data analysis and precision.
  • You gain on the Revenue forecast, driving impact and financial results for your brand.
  • It is enhancing data that otherwise could miss as a result of possible human errors.
  • Provide specific-tailored content to aim for audiences and working parties in daily circumstances.
  • Manage to spotlight content worldwide.
  • Maximise your impact by targeting audiences more relevant to your brand, whilst improving the customer experience through monitoring every conversation about your brand (and the sentiment backing them).
  • AI boosts your brand impact, classifies all your brand or product features for natural contrast.
  • It helps you design your crisis comeback efficiently, ranking the concerns more harmful to your brand firstly.
  • Makes it easier for you to evaluate emotionally loaded issues more precisely.

Humans validating AI-generated metadata

Metadata definition is "a textual description that can be used for searching, classifying and organising information," but when machine-generated metadata needs escalating, it is not always accurate.  The human validation required for the extensive information content on the internet could be enormously costly.  So, AI through Blockchain-based protocols could be the solution when combining AI with mass-sourcing to generate and certify text and metadata.

AI demands for mindful development

AI, like all technology, is not merely a product but a segment of a more massive technology structure: the one connected closer to society such as social life and education. Without ethics, purpose, and improvement in position, AI could trigger chaos in society, as experienced before. People should comprehend AI as a multi-purpose tool encompassing technical elements, such as Robotics, ML, the IoT, computer vision, algorithms, and natural language approaches.

Virtual assistants, core Marketing automation, data analysis and prediction are universal apps today which will continue trendy, while there are many other functions which would take longer or even impossible to carry out by these technologies.

Final comments: Many business leaders think that Artificial Intelligence will become a crucial element for their success. But without appreciating and understanding its value, we won't be able to take the most advantage of its benefits. Start establishing a trustworthy relationship with technology.

Better to start enhancing your relationship with machines!

Dave Food

Prophetic Technology

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