The complete Digitisation of the Supply Chain

Taking as a model the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, we can make parallel with the Supply Chain (SC) i...

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Posted by Dave Food on May 12, 2020 5:10:58 PM
Dave Food

Taking as a model the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, we can make parallel with the Supply Chain (SC) in the contemporary world of Digitisation.

The commitment to become completely Digital hangs on the same principles and values as Maslow’s theory: to set up a culture in which all stakeholders and their work values synchronise to guide businesses through their journey whilst pulling off the maximum capacity of innovative-technology in a new digital SC model.

According to the HubSpot pyramid about building blocks for the ultimate Digital Supply Chain, it has five stages:

Evaluate – Analise – Synthesise – Connected – Fully digitised


Matching this pyramid, we find at the base vital necessities: the apparent need for change that will help us to make the transition to becoming digital, and stay away from manual-outdated processes and way of thinking which block our business. It also will support a customer-centralised approach and establish a digital strategy to cope with solving-problems.


This second stage will help to analyse the need to better the level of our business-growth, by connecting all parties and applying edge-technology required to investigate the functioning of each participant’ work across all stage in real-time, and to pinpoint possible incompetence and alleviate any potential risk.


In the SC pyramid, this level talks about fully integrating Digitisation throughout our business, overcoming traditional operations. This integration maxes out the fundamental customer-service level, productivity, and generating a viable improvement by involving all stakeholders and enhancing all processes by means of a Cloud-based approach to create a real value chain.


To build a safety net companies need to plan for immediate and future risks, particularly in case of potential disruption risks due to political matters that can distress associate-interaction, and presents a significant-unfavourable impact.

A flexible SC, a connected-value chain, predictions, transparency, agility, effectiveness, and a scalable implementation are some elements necessary for technologies to grow your business and successfully stand up of your competitors.

Fully digitised

To get to the top of your SC pyramid and be the best-in-class, you need to pinpoint sudden problems in real-time, and cleverly design strategies for long-term procedures. Overtaking each stage of the pyramid will encourage your journey to accomplish your purposes effectively. The culmination of all the steps will bring:

  • Descriptive Analytics enhance efficacy by notifying the decision-making process.
  • Prescriptive and predictive analytics take you from automatic to proactive
  • Automation enhances process
  • Technology facilitates the scalation of businesses.

Further comments: to achieve all of the phases makes it possible the complete-digitisation and wholly consumer-centric processes across the SC. It offers the fundamental capability to drive Digitisation to full potential. This modern organisation will get rid of the silos that generated all of the incompetence; now tune all the way to a very agile, transparent and well-organised Supply ChainNo doubt this HubSpot SC pyramid could be of great help!

Dave Food

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