The CSCO: the foremost Executive in the C-Suite

Edge technologies, such as mobile and social platforms, have transformed customer's behaviour whilst...

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Posted by Dave Food on Mar 11, 2020 2:45:05 PM
Dave Food

Edge technologies, such as mobile and social platforms, have transformed customer's behaviour whilst providing organisations with new approaches to attract them, turning you into a customer-centric company. Executives must embrace more fundamental changes if they want to compete in the digital economy and be part of the extended Supply Chain (SC.) Its functions are a crucial part of the business to support our processes on a long-term project.

All areas of our companies are affected in different ways by this outbreak of innovation and digitalisation:

·       The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) must focus on making the company visible and engaging to attract and maintain the talented individual or bright-new candidates, plus to support the gender diversity in the workforce to recruit female-talent to achieve more balanced decision-making.

·       The Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) need to solve the increasing supply risks now facing, because of the globally-escalating natural disasters, and the extensive outsourcing practices.

·       Chief Information Officer (CIO) must address cybersecurity because of the increasing number of data breaches, whilst still digitalising processes and implementing the Internet of Things (IoT); to clean up the lake of master data, before applying advanced Analytics.

·       The Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) needs to deliver customer excellence to ensure business maturity in this omnichannel world of growing competitiveness.

·       SC executive manages SC risk, applies open-innovation, and listens to suppliers more closely to spot edge-technology at an early stage; also, operates a clever-customer segmentation to optimise product and service portfolio that warrant companies an advantageous expansion.

The CSCO: the most transcendental-executive in the C-Suite

In mature companies, the board of directors appointed a Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) to meet all those subjects confronted by different sections. Besides reporting directly to the board, the CSCO needs to listen and respond to challenges and opinions of colleagues in Planning, Operations, Logistics, Sales and Marketing.

But above all, the CSCO should communicate leading-light into the agenda to consider sustainable and visible-end-to-end supply chains, understanding the substance of SC functions as a central piece of the business. They are also providing organisations with new approaches to take in customers. These technologies make you a customer-centric company, setting you apart in the marketplace. 

CSCOs are focusing on a customer-centric method

The CSCO is vital to any company pretending to operate customer-focused.  Manufacturing and constant-assessing businesses need someone at the executive level, which is accountable for the entire SC and faces omnichannel approaches. The demand for a customised-delivering product implies faster, smarter and more flexible actions. To make incremental improvements, CSCOs must manage the transformation of the SC.

Extending the enterprise SC

- New business models on the digital economy are escalating data analytics to the top; so, companies have an urgent need for a data scientist who brings in their know-how to analyse colossal amounts of data, and who can interpret the results accordingly.

- There is a need for a large workforce as the new focus is on speed and flexibility. Particularly in manufacturing and warehousing, corporations will depend on a labour contingent to act in response to demand volatility.

- Manufacturing and warehousing will count much more on automation, mainly robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT). These technologies require new competencies to bring about digitised processes.

All these workforce changes should begin in manufacturing and logistics areas, where CSCO is in charge, but they extend all over the company, positioning the CSCO in a site to influence on the skillset of the enterprise as a whole.

Further comments: customised-products and customer-centricity are turning over the traditional SCs, along with the executive suite. A CSCO who knows how to evolve can renovate not just the supply and demand networks, but the whole business and its place in the trading environment.

Dave Food

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