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The current state of Marketing

The business of Marketing is becoming increasingly complex. For companies to say they succeed in 202...

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Posted by Salvador C. Hermoso on Dec 20, 2022 4:28:08 PM
Salvador C. Hermoso
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The business of Marketing is becoming increasingly complex. For companies to say they succeed in 2022, they would have to think beyond what they are doing and associate the whole thing back to the ‘why’ of the business as a unity; leaders must decide to evolve when they are operating without strategic Marketing. Marketing objectives must align with the overall goals of your business.

Undergoing a strategic Marketing transformation can improve customer service and experience and enhances brand awareness and reputation. Eventually heightens profits through a combination of data collection, edge technology, developing customer relationships, advertising quality content, connecting with customers online, and expanding online presence while influencing not just the marketers but every department and employee in the business. 

But what is the current status of Marketing in 2022 about to end?

Budgets are increasing, and marketers are working keener.

Marketers are working smarter, not harder. Almost half of the Marketing teams are watching their finance increase in 2022, higher than last year. Campaigns and a broader outreach are possible with more funding, giving the working party more creativity and the independence to test new channels. Templates are one of the most common and effective tools for fast-paced Marketing teams. 

The data privacy concern is benefiting Marketing

How information is collected, the fact that multiple browsers have eliminated the 3rd party cookies, and other similar laws are making access to data harder and harder:

·       iOS 14.5 – This new feature is valuable for user privacy. It gives the public better command over their mobile phone app data,  such as Google and Facebook, to aim at how corporations use them.

·       The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation on data protection, privacy, and human rights law in the European Economic Area. 

Organic is the top web traffic source in 2022

Organic request for information on search engines represents 27% of the total web traffic source. A content strategy with correlated keywords and SEO optimization brings significant online visibility. All web content should improve to respond quickly to desktop, mobile, and tablet views. Offering a compelling user experience with fast-track loading pages and quality content is vital to classify at the top. Content audits must be part of every Marketing organization to reveal likely strengths and fragilities in the content strategy for any size company benefit, from small businesses to corporations.

The most efficient content should be amusing and interactive

More interactive and entertaining Content Marketing is a top priority. Marketing 2022 states that marketers are mounting investments in interactive content systems, such as quizzes, to involve on Social Media and gather priceless data from their audience.

The audience is no longer satisfied with unvarying content, such as e-books and white papers; so, to differentiate from others, marketers must make changes and motivate customers through interactive, amusing content as an incredible way to collect valuable first-party data. The best way to give rise to this future-proof Marketing is by generating a remarkable online presence with excellent content and a well-designed, privacy-oriented data collected strategy. 

Quality content prevails over quantity

More than 80% of marketers consider producing unique and quality content less often is more efficient. Creating the highest quality content possible, even if it means not advertising as frequently, will be a factor in motivation, turnings one-time visitors into your brand and content fans.

The main challenge for marketers is generating engaging content. Your first strategy must include the design of a channel with great content. Your newsletter, blog, or podcast is no longer optional if you intend to protect the total customer journey. You cannot just depend entirely on building “rented land” – PPC or Social Media – because that means you would be locked up to other companies’ algorithms or to privacy laws that could change over time.

Social Media Marketing teams are confronting constant challenges in keeping pace with the demands of creating, producing, and publishing high-quality content, connecting with audiences, and engaging with them.

For the third year in a row, in 2022, videos are the top Content Marketing media system, while short-form videos have the best ROI contrasted to other video formats. The video format joined with interactive content, is an efficient way to engage and collect data.

Customer experience expanded in 2022

We are seeing a massive change in opinions about what Marketing is; now, the priority has moved toward providing a fantastic customer experience that will maintain people coming back for more. 

Not only are customers ever impatient, but they also want products delivered on a silver platter. They visualize a smooth experience from the first glance to customer service after the sale, from individualized messaging that aids them in resolving drawbacks to purchasing decisions to a customer-focused culture throughout their Customer’s journey. 

In addition to personalized Marketing messages, leaders found ways to listen and answer customers' questions. You can sync your Digital Marketing working party with your sales and customer service teams to deliver quality throughout their experience. This year of growth in online content has given consumers more power. They are not expecting you to tell them how splendid your products are; instead, they are exploring. However, almost 49% of consumers nowadays state that today’s firms deliver a good experience.

Summing up: offer customers something more than just information. Edge technology, personalization, mobile experience, brand image and design, up-to-date technology, an easy mobile experience, brand image, and design all complement the customer experience. Make sure you are delivering efficient, knowledgeable, convenient, friendly service and unproblematic payment choices, as it is what individuals value the most in their customer experience. Building relationships with customers whom you trust is worth every penny you spend.

How did you manage 2022 to provide a great customer experience, keep your customers, and attract new ones?


Salvador C. Hermoso

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