The e-Commerce Challenge Finds Solutions in Blockchain

The use of e-Commerce is on the rise, and as a consequence, the demand for global businesses is high...

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Posted by Dave Food on Jan 30, 2019 2:01:06 PM
Dave Food

The use of e-Commerce is on the rise, and as a consequence, the demand for global businesses is high too. The great news is that the need for workforce employment is also increasing, for instance, at trucking organisations and warehouse operators that are creating a large number of jobs. Is e-commerce universe ready for a disruption? Now comes the time for Blockchain to disrupt the e-Commerce universe.

Blockchain disrupting e-Commerce universe

However, then again, giving the escalation on customer’s demand for cut-rates and effective delivery of goods, as well as a verity of products and channels to shop, Supply Chains (SCs) are suffering the result of inventory surplus, as it is said that commercial storage worldwide is virtually at its maximum. This escalating environment keeps costs rising, time delays and inconveniences in the Supply Chain are accumulating. Blockchain might be the solution at this moment.

The Blockchain is a decentralised accounting system that automatically tracks storage information, delivery times, and product condition. Here, employees at all stages of the organisation can register the existing data in the Supply Chain and relocate it onto to the Blockchain system.

Some of the Blockchain characteristics are that the information kept in its ledger is, by all means, indestructible, incorruptible; you can add information in it, but it cannot be deleted or edited. Blockchain technology guarantees that trust is accomplished with no need for centralised power. It leads to better transparency and gives power to the consumer.

Customers take a close interest in identifying the sources of a product, its sustainability and freshness and so on. The price control applied by monopoly companies will significantly influence customers’ demands, as they are now looking for transparency and visibility, capabilities which show that they are more informed of what they are buying.

When dealing with multiple retailers, Blockchain embraces enormous value in using Metrics to enhance best procedures in real time. This modern tool is transforming the way efficient retailers comprehend manufacturing, optimisation of storage capacity, to eliminating obstacles in the processes.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR,) Europe’s data law which came into effect on May of this year, will have for sure tremendous impact on Blockchain technology and e-commerce industries.

Blockchain can supply several-meaningful solutions:

Employees at all levels of the organisation can enter accurate information onto the Blockchain system, which can then be operated to have the whole picture of vulnerabilities in the process and to wrap up the data to a high spot and to make sure that warehouses space is best used at the top of its capabilities.

SUMMING UP: With the constant growth of e-Commerce and the ever-changing consumer’s demands, it is difficult for enterprises to keep the pace to efficiently cope issues such as to expand storage capabilities, on-time deliveries, the transformation of their systems into digital skills, infrastructure, and more; enterprises must invest in Blockchain attributes before it’s too late.

Blockchain will change the e-commerce landscape. Don’t miss the chance to modernised your technology!

Dave Food

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