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The Future Impact of AI in our Lives

The disagreement around the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology on professional jobs a...

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Posted by Dave Food on Jan 23, 2019 5:23:23 PM
Dave Food

The disagreement around the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology on professional jobs and our lives need to change, the sooner, the better, because with this controversy we deny its great technical benefits! AI will revolutionise the way marketer professionals see the business.

AI is not a thread at all, as it is humans who feed machines employing the entire intellectual knowledge and expertise assimilated through life.  AI won’t take over our jobs! Therefore, it is just about the time to scaled customer engagement on a highly-accurate level and make projections of long-term reach. So, AI will make it possible to count on more accurate insights and predictive analytics for advance decision making.

Major trends in AI

* Modern and progressive enterprise, planning for the future will need to implement a clean data process to put it in order.

* Companies could cut towering costs when investing in AI technology, as it will be a standard tool in the years to come. 

*All projections will be available through a laptop making it easier and cheaper to achieve expected goals while providing the value of Marketing channel and effective strategies.

* Natural language processing will fully grow into more useful AI tools for marketers, like Social Media chats, Content Marketing, audio and video - all data that lack a structure and is difficult to quantify in its native form.   Thanks to constant research modern computing evolution can expose today the insights of the unstructured internal data.

* New Machine Learning capabilities will have excellent results for the media monitoring industry because the training dataset they're building has a significant advantage motivating highly-qualified users doing annotation of media and sentiment.  This high-level data is the future of media monitoring.

* Soon, we will see an increased difficulty in conversational bots, and the arrival of Machine Learning across customer relationship platforms to influence consumer decisions. Predictive lead scoring will also emerge as a need across all industries, feeding back into who ends up buying, the channels they are using, the current time of the day they engage, and so on, affecting in the future where to allocate the resource.

*AI will keep evolving while fastening somehow to our daily lives and businesses.  So, the advisable thing to do is to start educating the people on how AI works and granting transparency on the implications, and in the future, to bridge the gap between pros and cons of this interaction among humans and machines, considering both consumers and marketers.

The resistance caused by the impact of an innovative AI technology asks for good judgement and exalted ethics coming from every company, to avoid negativism and anxiety from fellow workers. Create the future within your enterprise!

The impact of technology and specifically AI will have on Public Relations practice.

In spite of the tasks and capabilities which could be automated or benefited from AI, it will always be needed the human mediation when editing, recognising sensitivity or emotional intelligence, attach to good judgement and strong ethics.  Futurist technology creates opportunities for new products and services., therefore, organisations that are quick to adopt new technology will gain a competitive advantage.


Social Listening will be used in the future to measure valuable insights, such as the social networks our audience is currently using the most, the general sentiment about our clients' brands, and to analyse quantitative Metrics, for instance, the volume of conversation and qualitative Metrics like the sentiment of a conversation. It is an in-depth analysis which provides valuable insights to determine our clients' social performance.

What to expect from Artificial Intelligence in the years to come?

AI is going to gain in speed to segment and code large data sets, including Social Media data while diminishing cost.  AI tools will improve the way to distinguishing emotions, personality and behaviour; however, companies will still need humans to understand the WHYs; the insight to make sense of the data and infer what it means for business.

The coming years will bring an AI transforming how we interact, not just with technology in the industry, but in the classroom tasks as well, such as class activities, teaching, gathering of data, data mining for research, the design of bots for specific purposes, and more.  It will be part of the evolving academic curriculum from now on.

·       It will improve the capabilities needed to create written Marketing content.

·       It will have the ability to leave the selection of Social Media images to a machine, as these machines will gradually better understand circumstances.

·       Future AI will outmost remote management of paid search /launching campaigns.

·       A much larger automated segment of SEO management, even including sales emails, now will be deployed without ongoing manual input.

·       Adoption of all the above within smaller businesses, as more suppliers will deal AI options at reasonable rates.

·       2019 will enforce strong claims for a stronger data privacy regulation.

·       The future will be highly beneficial for massive employment, creating new executive roles.

SUMMING UP:  How will you outstand your company in an AI overloaded world? AI is rapidly changing our daily life, so, face up to the future AI momentum and escalate your business, automate your processes for better governance of your data to save time whilst reducing costs.  Moreover, on top of all, do not be petrified at the face of Artificial Intelligence taking space in your enterprise, as the healthy mix of the human plus machine will predominate.


Dave Food


Prophetic Technology


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