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The Future of AI and Social Media Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the widest catchword currently used globally; it’s a blend of human ...

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Posted by Dave Food on Jan 15, 2019 3:39:36 PM
Dave Food

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the widest catchword currently used globally; it’s a blend of human being intelligence and the processing power of an artificial machine. In spite of that, it could also be the most disruptive tool, because not everybody has a full comprehension of its benefits on the industry; some others are afraid of the possibility AI might cut their jobs.

No doubt AI technology will be leading the transformation that your business requires soon. The here and now is that AI will disrupt Social Media Analytics, with AI Marketing and Personal Relations (PR) experts getting hold of the benefits.  The PR, Digital Marketing, and the advertising sectors are in the centre of an AI evolution.

Social Media Analytics is a web tool that is a classification of which social sites are directing the most traffic to your site, with a clear view of the source. It gathers, measures, analyses data, and feedback about your company from blogs and Social Media sites, analysing it to help your business make intelligent decisions, and help you to meet your goals.  This analytics will drive success to your enterprise by increasing revenue, reducing customer contact, or getting feedback on products and processes, and to understand your customer’s preferences.

On the other hand, Social Media Analytics is of no use if it is inaccurate, so companies need to track in-depth their measurements and use far-reaching language into the software to track problematic virtual dialogues.  Social Media Analytics is valuable if the data behind it is reliable.

Another benefit of Social Media Analytics is that it expands to social customer service, understanding the way your company interacts with customers and potential customers on Social Media. It might be used in a broad selection of business decisions, from structure sales and marketing procedures to set up product roadmaps.

Five ways to measure social customer feedback:

·       Service Level Agreement (SLA,) that regulates how fast you are answering back to

customers who are making the connection through different Social Media channels.

·       To determine customer satisfaction records.

·       To measure the customers’ recommendation score made on your product or service.

·       To evaluate the contact calls you’ve redirected because you took care of a customer’s concern via Social Media.

·       To measure the inbound volume of customers who make contact with you through Social Media.

To identify your progress with social customer service and to tell if you are improving, it is crucial to track these numbers. Linking with customers via Social Media can be an essential tool for enhancing your whole customer experience.

How does it work?

Machine Learning algorithms automatically identify structures of websites.  AI comprises:

-      Social Listening that combines world-leading data exposure with the most recent Deep Learning methods, enabling you to find more high-quality insights with a reduction of time, especially when you fail to notice any critical source that might display crucial information about your brand.

AI in Social Listening is the cause for PR and Communication professionals’ to get more significant results, with the high-speed framework, and no technical expertise demanded.

Social Listening often counts on the analysis of Big Data, and AI marketing automation makes the handling of such data much more accessible to identify the structure of websites toward identifying vital data automatically.

-      Image Recognition is an essential AI marketing tool for viewing your brand's positioning to capture your visual brand mentions, examines social images against the most popular brand, location, and database on the market, allowing you to become aware of all visual mentions of your brand on social networks, blogs, and news sites.  

-      Sentiment Analysis intended for excellent reputation management, and to analyse in setting, using natural language processing.  It decodes human emotions, as well as types of mockery and sarcasm, into concrete-measurable Metrics, and distinguishes the topics that are encouragingly or adversely impacting your enterprise. 

AI and Machine Learning safeguard the precision of our sentiment analysis for understanding how your target audience identifies your brand in real time and helps you become aware of possible concerns sooner than they impact your company.

AI-powered custom models provide you with more fast-accurate data. They are a great example of how AI works, you save time while boosting accuracy, and bring down the human error. 

SUMMING UP: AI investment is worth the effort.  First class Analytics should be easy to search out by everyone, while Social Media Analytics, Social Listening, Image Recognition and Sentiment Analysis will be simpler, faster, and more relevant. Therefore, your brand would have a better opportunity to power impact. The future is now!

Dave Food


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