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The Security in Your IoT Significant Challenges

Security must always remain at the centre of everything, especially when talking about both present ...

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Posted by Dave Food on Oct 19, 2018 3:56:27 PM
Dave Food

Security must always remain at the centre of everything, especially when talking about both present and future technology.

The Security in Your IoT Significant Challenges

Digital technology allows your company to trust on efficient-connected devices, rely on a product or service lifecycle, prevent your enterprise from Internet hacks and attacks, large-scale data breaches, device cloning or repurposed, data manipulation or unauthorised service access which put it on risk. This lead to revenue or customer loss, ransomware incidents and brand reputation damage.

Organisations are experimenting with the IoT (Internet of Things) deployments in different areas of the Supply Chain, ranging from automation systems and sensor networks to connected healthcare solutions, connected vehicles, and industrial robotics. With the IoT new model, we have the opportunity to protect our Supply Chain.

The deployment of the IoT makes it possible for a variety of devices and sensors to make connections to each other over extraordinary distances, need very little human interaction, counts on extended lifecycles, and remote maintenance.

IoT security challenges:

 To get a sense of own risk profile to build a more secure IoT.

 To improve Data Management and data rights sharing.

 To increase computer power.

 To add security to Cloud/Data Centre.

 To assure the security of all devices to eliminate infiltration and reprogramming.

 To increase Connectivity for better interoperable systems.

 To apply network segmentation to make processes more manageable.

 Investing in accurate-secure infrastructure; the cost is worth taking.

 To enhance efficiencies to reduce operational costs, while improving the customer experience.

 To design products to be safe from the beginning, and able to evolve to face emerging recent threats in the years to come.

 To replace too old devices.

 To assess inventory to detect latest threat or product affected.

 To recognise limited computer capability of IoT devices (sensors and others monitoring devices) causing that security tools on computers cannot be installed.

Governments must set a clear-transparent IoT security regulation for companies to come together to agree on a single footpath forward to work closely with the public and private sectors.

Governments to develop a new generation of standards, and to give recommendations on the renewal of connected devices’ access keys, infrastructure, transport and mobility, or in fields like Health and Social Care.

CONCLUSIONS: There is too much at stake for the IoT networks because the Security is too risky both for your organisation and data processes. We must come together to create a secure Internet of Things. Are you ready to have a say in this mutual target?


Dave Food

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