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The Social Media forecast recovery for 2021 and beyond

We can observe the rapid adaptation to the 'new normal' because we saw the fast website visits recov...

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Posted by Salvador C. Hermoso on Dec 21, 2021 4:13:07 PM
Salvador C. Hermoso
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We can observe the rapid adaptation to the 'new normal' because we saw the fast website visits recovery, especially in the Travel category that suffered a considerable drop during the pandemic; it showed a stabilising start since June when several countries transited to unlocked down status. 

The Food industry customers visiting places where they have home-delivery services reflect how consumers have adopted such services as a personal style in their lives.

In May 2020, the Retail category evidenced a high number of visits due to initiatives such as Hot Sale. However, the same category has also stabilised, obtaining higher visits than the previous weeks when the pandemic rose.

On the other hand, the Supermarket category had a soft drop at the end of June, but we have to consider the answer of malls and some physical stores.

When talking about the Toy category, the only visitors' measure outstands fluctuated throughout the pandemic but remains relevant as part of the consumers' entertainment necessities.

Sites related to Fashion also show sustainable growth since the pandemic started, highlighting slightly when the Hot Fashion arrived from August 31 to the 6 to September, along with Cosmetics and Jewellery categories. 

As an effect of the Sanitary crisis, the three Retail sub-categories that have grown during the year are Health, Department stores, Food -Supermarkets, and households. All cases increased their audience by more than 50% compared to previous years.

There was an increase in brand publishing, commerce, and interactions; consequently, the malls re-opened in June and returned to class in August contributed to it. 

Facebook is consolidated as the social web of higher engagement concerning Health and Education issues. Twitter achieves this in consumers’ goods, although a contraction at the level of the interactions. At the same time, Retail in Instagram had an essential growth in interactivity. 

The Social Media ad market will overtake TV in 2022.  Expenditures on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram will escalate to $177 billion next year to surpass television.

Global advertising expenses this year top the pre-pandemic level. It jumped to $705 billion.   Social Media ad expense will rise to $225 billion by 2024 when it accounts for 26.5 per cent of all publicity, followed by paid search at 22.5 per cent and television at 21.0 per cent. 

Ad consumption in all zones is now far beyond pre-pandemic levels and is projected to escalate healthily over the next few years.

The global ad market will maintain its incredible upturn from 2020 downwards spiral, surpassing it to 11.2 per cent in July and expanding to another 5.7 per cent in 2023. As brands continue using advertising to drive future growth in E-commerce, ad expenditures in the USA will jump 13. l8 per cent this year to $285.2 billion when assuming constant prices.  Ad spending is projected to expand even more to reach $364.9 billion in 2024.

Digital ad dollars are continuing to increase remarkably fast worldwide. Social media will run the market with 14.8 per cent annual growth to 2024, while online video will grow by 14.0 per cent annually.

Further comments: COVID-19 obstacles have prolonged the time of boosting digital transformation.  The pandemic has agitated shopping behaviours; many consumers who preferred to browse and purchase in person now buy online, responding to the current circumstances.

According to predictions, the Middle East, North Africa, Central, and Eastern Europe, will be the fastest-growing regions moving forward. Still, most new ad dollars come from the USA, which is expected to see an $80 billion expansion through 2024. The next-largest advance will come from China, the UK, and Japan.

Is your company returning from the pandemic? Is it recuperating its Social Media activity?


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