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There is a Shocking Shortage of Supply Chain Talent

Supply Chain Insights reports that more than half of all companies are seeing an increase in unfille...

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Posted by Dave Food on Dec 13, 2018 12:26:04 PM
Dave Food

Supply Chain Insights reports that more than half of all companies are seeing an increase in unfilled job openings, as the demand for Supply Chain (SC) professionals exceed existing talent. It is a red light for Human Resources.

What to do?

Of course, we need to do something before it gets full of twists and turns. There is a need for a proactive-thinking about supporting existing employees and recruiting new hires.  

Hereafter, some of the proposals to solve this problematic shortage:

1. Restructure your hiring process - Today, the average hiring process takes 43 days. Find the way to shorten this process to avoid losing your prospect to other firms which can "close the deal" faster.

2. Keep employees on the ship. Understand your team’s career needs and support a clear career direction. Nowadays, 66% of Millennials hold undergraduate or graduate degrees in Supply Chain, compared to only 19% of their senior managers. Boost seniors to keep learning to fill the gap.

3. Encourage diversity and meaningful work – Employers have to offer variety, to make employees feel connected to the big picture, so, to find the vital job of their life and stay loyal to your firm.

4. Hire and adequately compensate female applicants - The number of women in Supply Chain is now more significant than it used to be. This study found that 39% of 2017 survey respondents were female, compared to the 24% the previous year. But, quite often firms do not pay enough attention to their needs and the gap in salary between men and women is still high. Organisations have to address this issue fast.

5. Work on soft skills - These are important-required skills when hiring employees, so make it a plus for your organisational capabilities. By all means, you will improve the culture of your organisation, while increasing employee retention. 

6. Don’t overload your employee with extra responsibilities, or concentrate all the job in one individual. This approach will raise the bar for anyone needing to fill the position, with the risk of losing an exciting candidate.

7. Embrace new technologies –Younger prospects want to associate with a progressive workplace that embraces the best and more advanced techniques. Employers must leverage innovative technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, Automation and Blockchain, to make their organisation more appealing to prospects. It adds to planning productivity and could reduce the number of new hires required.   

To sum up: Why not give a try to all these propositions and give your firm a U-turn to this gap, while upgrading your enterprise?

Dave Food

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