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The quality assurance of COVID-19 vaccine Cold Chain

Never before has the world paid so much attention to Supply Chain (SC) technology. Yet, as the COVID...

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COVID-19, an excellent opportunity to reduce modern slavery

Aug 18, 2020 5:42:54 PM By Dave Food

How could we transform the risk of modern slavery practices across supply chains (SCs) during ...

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Resilience - Thinking beyond COVID-19

Jul 20, 2020 6:12:40 PM By Dave Food

The consequences of COVID 19 pandemic emphasise how manufacturing Supply Chains (SCs) are cruc...

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How does Digital Twin fit into the context of COVID-19?

Jun 9, 2020 5:42:55 PM By Dave Food

The Digital Twin technology allows operators to have a virtual model of a physical asset, to f...

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Post-COVID Supply Chain Planning - steps to take now!

May 29, 2020 3:58:30 PM By Dave Food

What has happened?

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