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Important post-pandemic actions to consider

Have you figured out how to re-start your business after the pandemic?

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Posted by Dave Food on May 25, 2020 4:22:14 PM
Dave Food

Have you figured out how to re-start your business after the pandemic?

The Supply Chain (SC) disruptive-consequences play a part to search out for effective robotic-automatons solutions, “a complete-redesigned new SC” to guarantee productivity, quality and fulfilment.

Hopefully sooner than later countries around the world and their financial systems will overcome COVID-19 health-crisis and will start redesigning the whole global economy, looking at preserving above all, the workforce’ safety, their place of work, when possible their salaries, to keep being competitive in the marketplace.

The first move companies took, sending their employees home for protection, and then, through remote work, kept processes going when possible. However, lots of industries could not carry on homeworking because it was practically impossible, for instance on construction, and which must shut up business, suffering from big losses.

Ten useful steps to redesign your company layout

  • Meet with your board of directors to analyse the crisis and be ready to make efficient decisions regarding production processes; always following the official Health code-of-initiatives.
  • Inform personnel of new health-preventing measures regarding the pandemic for better hygiene within facilities.
  • Evaluate working positions and their responsibilities and decide who could be absent for a convenient period.
  • Redesign your offices, warehouses spaces, delivery routes, cafeteria, etc. keeping on mind the two metres social distance recommended by Health authorities.
  • Consider sending your employees to work from home to avoid any contagious environment within your facilities. When possible, establish partial closing of shifts, rotating your workforce in such a way as to protect them all, for instance, every 15 days.
  • Support those presenting critical COVID-19 traits by sending them to the designated hospital, or those with some mild characteristics to mandatory isolation at home.
  • Offer workers all kids of recommended-sanitisation products such as disinfecting gel, protecting masks, sanitary rug at the entrance of facilities, one-way paths, marking lanes on the floor considering the two-metres of social distance, open space for cafeterias like parking lots or roofs, videoconferences to avoid crowding meetings, and virtual tours.
  • Install protective panels at any desk or counter to avoid contact, bearing in mind the mandatory laws of Health authorities.
  • Informe workers possible temporary closing of facilities and the likelihood of going on half-salary, or the returning to original positions as soon as the crisis is over.
  • Explain your partners and suppliers of these necessary measures taken and encourage them to do the same as a “new form of working-protocols,” to follow from now on and years to come, that encompass a lasting partnership.

Do not forget to keep the board of executives, employees and suppliers informed of any update on regulations. Taking advantage of automation tools and making virtual expositions of the facilities would make customers feel they receive personal attendance while avoiding crowding.

The restriction for nonessential industries will sooner or later be relaxed. Schools, the thematic parks, malls and holiday will bring life to a new normal of things. Therefore, start planning and redesigning your business. Better sooner than later!

CONCLUSIONS: all these health-recommendations will continue for a long-time, if not forever. It is a new way of everything, at home, schools, and businesses. COVID-19 is here to stay. Are your Supply Chain experts ready to start, keep working safely, enhancing a collaborative work whilst keeping the newly acquired health measure?

Dave Food

Prophetic Technology

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