Why Is It Crucial to Start Educating on Blockchain?

Blockchain technology and distributed ledger networks have started the latest transformation in info...

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Posted by Dave Food on Sep 12, 2018 1:45:53 AM
Dave Food

Blockchain technology and distributed ledger networks have started the latest transformation in information infrastructure. Why is it crucial to start educating students and hiring teams about Blockchain?

Blockchain's global market is predicted to hit $60.7 billion by 2024.

The Blockchain is now being put in operations within industries mainly directed to specific niches like in Finance and Logistics, for instance, Bank of Americas or in businesses such as IBM and Maersk. But, regarding Human Resources or Education, what are we doing about it?

The Blockchain is transparent databases that allow network participants to share, verify and secure value, data and information, based on conventional theories, programming languages and software-engineering principles. Mastery of the computer programming languages and best practices are essential to guarantee cross-discipline training.

By all means, Blockchain is a disrupting technology, as it is changing the way current generation of students learn, how do we teach, how we plan our careers, hiring, our works, and consequently the future of our companies. It will benefit institutions, businesses and students.

How you can build a career in Blockchain:

By promoting the education of our students about Blockchain, not only in the Computer Sciences but at Business and Law as well, as it is now a priority for our education systems. Some benefits:

 Students and employees-to-be can leave college with a better perceptive of the current technological panorama.

 The student will be better equipped for job openings.

 To benefit students in colleges and universities to prepare for a new digital economy.

 It could go hand-in-hand with a Computer Science major.

 It can help in ensuring that the essential educational data is readily available to all at lesser cost and time.

What to expect from Blockchain technology in the Education sector

So far, many educational institutions are running pilot programs to test the Blockchain, doing slowly but constant steps.

• Sharing - students can share their degrees and related certificates with the employer with ease. Both parties can view it in the Blockchain-enabled platform, however, the rights to allow someone with the access to the information stays with the owner.

• Immutability – The information shared across is same for all and cannot be modified, altered or hacked by anyone who is viewing or accessing the data.

• No Intermediates - The information is stored securely, ensuring that no intermediary is required.

• Reduced Costs – Costs are ruled out as the information is easily accessible to all.

• Eliminating Paper Use – All the data (certificates, records of credit transfers, other student-related records) are kept for a lifetime without a manual process.

With countless possibilities, Blockchain technology is all set to take over the Education space. The transition from the traditional ways of learning to the ones supported by modern techniques like Blockchain is hard to ignore; the adoption of Blockchain technology by one institution can stimulate the change in others at a higher pace.

What Human Resources professionals need to know

Not every situation requires a Blockchain, but for those organisations who find this important, the Human Resources professionals need to carefully create job specifications to ensure a potential nominee with Blockchain-based expertise. An IT or Logistics firms may have a committed team looking to fill specific niches.

Hiring teams can evaluate candidates based on their data/IT experience, being able to build and maintain a Blockchain, cross-discipline abilities. Those needs may change due to Blockchain continues to evolve and transform into various industries.

Summing up: Blockchain is going to help accelerate economic growth, by changing the way we create, transfer and verify data through a self-managing data infrastructure. The Blockchain is going to be an essential area that can create jobs and offer solutions to the current limitations in technology infrastructure.

Embracing the opportunity to help both students and business, capitalised on Blockchain's potential is our duty to train generations to adapt to these changes, but with the current skill shortage, Blockchain specialists are in high demand.


Dave Food

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