2020 - the year of the Supply Chain

2019 ended with the record online-sales history, Amazon launched one-day shipping as the new benchma...

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Posted by Dave Food on Feb 3, 2020 5:34:40 PM
Dave Food

2019 ended with the record online-sales history, Amazon launched one-day shipping as the new benchmark for Prime members, tariffs constrained operations, and 9,100 stores closed!

Experts highlight Supply Chain (SC) opportunities, as it is here where we can find the maximum effectiveness to improve customer experience and to generate competitive advantages. A strong-flexible SC is key to any successful Retail and Logistics operation, where innovation takes place in industries worldwide.  

Top predictions on Retail, Logistics and SC:

*Stores made a new start; for every-closed store in 2020, 3.7 businesses were launched. How was it possible?

·       Since buying behaviour change, retailers are reconsidering the target of each store.

·       Brands are focusing now on transforming stores into customers' experiences.

·       They decided to get goods both close to them and in front of customers.

·       Many are using their retail foot mark to set products and achieve local-online orders.

*Predictions in 2020 are that there will be a recession; so, brands and retailers should plan to survive a latent-economic decline, especially in the SC, through the implementation of an adaptable-logistics resolution to manage assets in harsh-times.

Consumers demands keep changing, making it quite tricky for already-established enterprises with the highest investment in outdated-infrastructure, to re-structure what they built.

Catching up with the speed of one-day-shipping as Amazon offers is a bar almost impossible for other retailers to reach.  Furthermore, a significant per cent of consumers do researches on shipping-costs before placing an order. The reason why shopping-carts are left behind is because of the high-extra shipping cost.

*Retailers optimise their logistics networks for fast and free shipping by testing new solutions that shorten the last mile of delivery while reducing shipping-costs.

*Businesses should commit to sustainability. In 2020 SC sustainability will turn into a necessary procedure to implement across any businesses by creating more efficient logistics networks and processes, competent enough as to balance carbon emissions, keeping employees happy while your company acceptance is at the top.

*Even though the technology is disrupting, we have to understand how re-structuring will impact the workforce and what it is demanding from us to overcome the existing skill-gap risk and the idea of robots taking our jobs.

*SC disruptions happen. Natural disasters, severe weather, tariffs, and other unstable incidents will disrupt your businesses. But in 2020, retailers will no longer allow those disruptions to overturn their processes; retailers and brands supported by cutting-edge Logistics solutions will well confront and alleviate SC disruptions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotics will have a tremendous effect on jobs, as we know them. Innovation and new technologies generate economic progress and new posts to boost technological-evolutions.

*This is the year in which Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) will start selling direct-to-consumer online. eCommerce is escalating faster than the rest of the Retail. The prediction for 2020 is that CPGs will fracture the protocol for evaluating Logistics infrastructure, and to open up distribution answer that can manage Direct to Consumer (D2C) completion.

*Supply Chain, along with eCommerce and logistics, is the keystone of accomplishment, whether you are delivering products into a retail location or selling directly online. The way you move goods is nowadays critical.  New Logistics technology platforms are making it more straightforward for businesses to innovate SC strategies and set up flexibility, where any. In 2020 expectations, more corporations will rank first SC optimisation, exploring new digital-logistics platforms to enhance flexibility and find out a better way to move products.

What we can take away: Supply Chain and Logistics are surely at the front of any business; they are a significant part for retailers’ brand.  Make sure you are ready for what 2020 might bring!


Dave Food

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