2020 - the year of the Supply Chain

2019 ended with the record online-sales history, Amazon launched one-day shipping as the new benchma...

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2020 - the year of the Supply Chain

Feb 3, 2020 5:34:40 PM By Dave Food

2019 ended with the record online-sales history, Amazon launched one-day shipping as the new b...

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The Answer to a Right Fresh Food Retailing is Machine Learning

Feb 18, 2019 4:04:00 PM By Dave Food

number of leading retailers have found in Machine Learning (ML) the solution to revolutionisin...

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A Solution for Luxury Brands to Avoid Black Market

Dec 19, 2018 5:05:17 PM By Dave Food

It is well known that luxury brands are spending great amounts of money in the destructions of...

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What does AI-driven Retail Look Like?

Dec 13, 2018 12:10:47 PM By Dave Food

A long time ago, when some relevant movie studios like Marvel or Apple (Siri) released an in-f...

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Leading Through Changes

Dec 12, 2018 12:06:00 PM By Dave Food

There is an imperative need to improve on leading teams when you are undergoing daily-express ...

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Consumers Setting the Pace of our Supply Chain

Dec 5, 2018 3:28:11 AM By Dave Food

Could Retail be disappearing? The world now is in continuous transformation, and retailers nee...

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Digitalisation Taking You Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Dec 5, 2018 3:23:36 AM By Dave Food

The significant change to “being digital” needs to come from the workforce in your company. Di...

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The Urgent Need for a Retail Supply Chain Evolution

Nov 14, 2018 4:06:54 PM By Dave Food

The widespread use of multi-channel is, by all means, increasing expectations for speed and co...

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Empower Your Selling Team by Embracing Digital Transformation

Nov 7, 2018 2:46:25 PM By Dave Food

Manufacturing workforce is ageing, making it imperative for the traditional global Supply Chai...

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How Can Markets Work to Provide Order and Governance in Everyday Life?

Oct 29, 2018 5:51:57 PM By Dave Food

We are witnessing a global trend toward Retail and Market concentration, in combination with a...

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