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The Internet of Things will significantly mark our lives in 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly spreading out, bringing significant changes to our lives. He...

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Posted by Dave Food on Feb 3, 2020 5:49:54 PM
Dave Food

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly spreading out, bringing significant changes to our lives. Hereafter some IoT predictions for 2020.

1. IoT priority is security 

The escalating use of the IoT results in thousands of connected-devices, network expanding, data growing to uncontrollable dimension; that amount of information is at enormous risk! 

The demand for improvement on security system arises as IoT devices have spanned to 26 billion, anticipating even higher growth. The hacking of IoT networks and devices will become a common practice in the upcoming years so that we would see better control measures. 

2. AI and Data Collection

IoT encompasses billions of cloud-connected devices, each of them taking part as a data collector that helps to feed the database. With the help of a Machine Learning (ML) systems, enterprises could figure out tendencies and understandings from such data, whilst enhancing different areas implied in decision-making.

3. Increased IoT in Manufacturing

The IoT has at its core little sensors; individuals responsible for carrying out preventive-maintenance could be supported from the very beginning by assistance-sensors if equipment-problems arise. In doing so, it is possible to detect an issue before dispatching mechanics to locate the problem.

4. The IoT fusing with Big Data

The gigantic data gathered from billions of consumers and industry IoT devices should be processed and analysed with the purpose to draw out as much information as possible. The processing of such sizable amounts of data will benefit from Big Data and the IoT through AI. Integration of these applications would result in more significant advancements in any business.

5. The expansion of Smart Cities in 2020

The focal point of Smart Cities is on a sustainable-comfortable way-of-living, plus enhancing the financial, environmental and social facets of urban living. Smart Cities projects will materialise in 2020; many cities all over the world using the IoT are now implementing several services like traffic lights and parking. 

6. Adoption of IoT in Healthcare

The Health industry is going to experience expanded-implementation of IoT devices as the Internet of Medical Things. It can grow up annually exponentially, bringing profits of million dollars by 2020.

The design of sensors, medical equipment, portable devices, health monitors, and added-sort of medical devices is to connect with the IoT. Likewise, virtual supporters and mobile health apps let health specialists and families supervise the patient’s health at home. 

There are smart implants and wearables which transmit patient’s parameters, just as smart cars that register the patient’s vital signals when they are on the road, plus safety-tracking apps which allow families to watch over their loved ones.

7. Setting up Smart Stores

Smart stores powered by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, make Inventory Management simple. It allows you to grasp the time visitors spend on the IoT applied to your store, as well as recording the customer’s movement and product-interactions.

These systems support you to collect data and use it to improve both store inventory and make modifications to the product displayed, accordingly to customers’ preferences.

8. Businesses will observe more of the IoT

Predictions state that enterprises would rest more on industrial IoT functions to create new infrastructure. Businesses will integrate the IoT technology in their techniques and strategies in areas as insurance, telecommunications, agriculture, health, and transportation. 

9. Decentralisation efforts using Blockchain

Most of the IoT devices run on a centralised-network; users exposed to cyber-attacks, is due to a lack of security in current systems. The existing state of things does not warranty flexibility, showing possible weak spot through a centralised-architecture.

Blockchain is vital to protect data. Smart contracts let IoT connected-devices function safe and sound through Blockchain.

10. More significant proliferation of appliances on the IoT than persons

There will be billions IoT devices by 2020, as they are at present hugely prevalent in the likes of people; they are used to organise meetings to dealing with energy spending and home security.

 Final thoughts: The IoT technology will mature in coming years; although, its implementation can take years. Do not misjudge the value of deploying the IoT technology in 2020, no matter the size of your business.

Dave Food

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