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Dave Food

Deeper Insights into your Supply Chain Through Analytics

Supply Chain optimisation remains a top priority for organisations trying to cut operational cost, sustain business growth and increase customer satisfaction. Major factors such as low Supply....

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Dave Food

Break the All Habits by Applying a Supply Chain Concurrency Plan

Why has concurrent planning become an important need?

When the unexpected happens a quickly respond to it is needed; innovative process, people, advanced technology, and other considerations are....

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Dave Food

The value of keeping a Supply Chain promise

Today companies are not only delivering a product, but delivering a bundled service with additional capability and additional promises. This starts with the initial delivery; it has been said that....

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Block chain, a Technical Solution for Natural Disasters

Block chain proof-of-concept can facilitate a more rapid and reliable capture of data in crisis situations. Why Block chain?

Disaster relief is a....

Tags: supply chain, logistics, technology, inventory, optimisation, planning, blockchain

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Simplicity, Transparency, and Accountability = Machine Learning on your S&OP

Machine Learning has proven to be one of the strategic technologies for the wide and complete analysis of data, greatly improving forecast accuracy.....

Tags: procurement, supply chain, logistics, technology, inventory, optimisation, planning, machine learning

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Authentic Leaders are the Key to Transformational S& OP

  • The objective of the S&OP culture is to create leadership and organisational culture favourable for successful S&OP implementation and requires....

Tags: procurement, supply chain, logistics, technology, optimisation, planning, leadership

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